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The Beatles live: Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Beatles’ January 1963 tour of Scotland drew to a close on this evening, with a performance at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen.

Tickets cost three shillings, and the event was billed as The Johnny Scott Band Show, featuring The Beatles.

The group received a mixed reaction from the crowd, some of whom reportedly booed during the show.

They still had a lot of rough edges and the sound system wasn’t perfect, so they got a bit of a mixed reaction, but you could tell they had loads of energy.

Most of the songs they did were by other people, like Chuck Berry, and Lennon and McCartney had still to write their biggest songs. But I’m still glad I was there.

Gerry Scanlon

The Beatles were paid £45 for the appearance, and never returned to Aberdeen.

We went along and I thought they were fantastic. John Lennon was fantastic: his voice to me was real rock ‘n’ roll and he could really hit it.

At the time, it was a crossroads for music, what the Beatles were doing was completely different, and some people didn’t appreciate the difference.

But they were very popular and they got a good ovation at the Beach.

Norman Shearer
Last updated: 25 January 2024
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