Live: Bell Hall, Warrington

This was The Beatles' only live performance in Warrington, Lancashire, a town less than 20 miles from Liverpool.

They were supported by The Vigilantes and The Renegades. The entrance charge was 2/6d.

Bell Hall was a church hall situated on Orford Lane, accessed down a small alley. It was later demolished.

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3 responses on “Live: Bell Hall, Warrington

    1. Brian Palfreman

      I was the drummer with The Renegades and remember it well, Pete Best took pity on me and let me use his kit because we had a double booking that night and had to rush over to the Parr Hall to do the last spot there. Still meet up with ‘Vigis’ every now and and reminisce.

  1. geoffrey moss

    This was a great gig for Merseybeat groups, after The Beatles we had Gerry and the Pacemakers and many others at the Bell Hall. Many Warrington groups played a major part in the development of the Merseysound before, during and after The Beatles moved to London.The Vigilantes are doing a great job keeping the spirit of Merseybeat alive in the North West where it all began.

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