‘Sweet Sweet Memories’ was a b-side of Paul McCartney’s 1993 single ‘Off The Ground’.

The lyrics were partly based upon Alexander Pope’s poem ‘On A Certain Lady At Court’:

I know a thing that’s most uncommon;
(Envy, be silent and attend!)
I know a reasonable woman,
Handsome and witty, yet a friend.

Not warp’d by passion, awed by rumour;
Not grave through pride, nor gay through folly;
An equal mixture of good-humour
And sensible soft melancholy.

‘Has she no faults then (Envy says), Sir?’
Yes, she has one, I must aver:
When all the world conspires to praise her,
The woman’s deaf, and does not hear.

The ‘Off The Ground’ single was released on 19 April 1993. The 7″ vinyl edition had ‘Cosmically Conscious’ on the b-side.

The CD single contained five tracks: ‘Off The Ground’, ‘Cosmically Conscious’, ‘Style Style’, ‘Sweet Sweet Memories’, and ‘Soggy Noodle’.

The single was not a commercial success, and failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, although it did reach 27 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

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