‘Hands Of Love’ is the third song in the medley that closes Wings’ second album Red Rose Speedway.

Well, I kinda like the idea of medleys, as it’s structured. It’s sort of operatic, you know. And it’s good fun putting things like this together, finding little links and ways to go from this to that. We had done it on the Abbey Road album, at the end. And what we’d done there was John and I both had bits of songs that we hadn’t finished. So we put them into a medley and it worked. So this was me doing it again.
Paul McCartney, 2018

As with Abbey Road, the songs in the 11-minute Red Rose Speedway medley were recorded separately. ‘Hands Of Love’ was recorded in eight takes, four of which were complete, at Abbey Road on 1 October 1972.

At the close of the session, studio engineer Alan Parsons edited together take six of ‘Hands Of Love’ with take three of ‘Lazy Dynamite’.

The songs in the medley were never performed live by Paul McCartney or Wings.

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