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  1. Richard

    The break-up was a complex situation of business, the need to find their own lives, and being forced to play as a single body of rockers. After the separation, things cooled off and they realized they were inseparable as people and friends. They were the on;y four individual s who understood what it was to be “Beatles”. Not even their wives could understand that feature. Had John not been murdered, I would like to believe there would have been more music, if only on occasions.

  2. Joe

    I agree completely with all of the above comments.The Beatles truly loved each other but business and bickering with the wives,the music coming full circle.There was nothing else but to call it quits.There will NEVER be another Beatles.They were TRULY one of a kind.They will NEVER EVER be duplicated !!!!
    John,Paul,George and Ringo,thank you for all the music collectively and individually.

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