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John and George Relationship Post-Beatles
Sitting in an English garden
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12 March 2014 - 7.36pm

Inner Light said
First of all, George denied ever having an affair with Maureen. She say's so in her book. She suspected something was going on because Maureen use to hang out at Friar Park a lot so put two and two together and there you have it. Even if they were having an affair, in England in the 60's, a lot of couples were swingers and a lot of swapping was going on.

I read in Pattie's book (Wonderful Tonight), that they were going away somewhere - her, George, Ringo and Maureen - and before they set off George just told them right there, that they'd been sleeping together for a while. Obviously differing memories there.


Moving along in our God given ways, safety is sat by the fire/Sanctuary from these feverish smiles, left with a mark on the door.

(Passover - I. Curtis)

The Netherlands
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15 March 2014 - 8.16am

I can't remember he admitted sleeping together, I thought he said something like ''I'm in love with your wife''

And she kept saying how they were just ''spiritually connected''.

That's what I remember anyway

Sitting in an English garden
2929 Posts
15 March 2014 - 12.00pm

I can't remember exactly, to be honest. I did think he'd said they'd slept together. I'll try and hunt the info out, if I can find the book.

Moving along in our God given ways, safety is sat by the fire/Sanctuary from these feverish smiles, left with a mark on the door.

(Passover - I. Curtis)


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19 September 2014 - 11.57pm

It's interesting and very pleasing to hear George fervently defending his relationship with Paul on 'Aspel & Co' on the 5th March 1988 a few days after the News of the World had published an article reporting a supposed blazing argument (falsely it should be added as George had already left when Paul arrived and neither knew the other was going) between the two at the San Remo Music Festival.

Keith Badman's book 'The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001' details the events

Friday February 26

George attends the San Remo Music Festival, where he receives the award of Video Of The Year for 'When We Was Fab', which is naturally screened during the transmission on the Italian TV station RAI UNO. (At the show, George also gives a five-minute interview for the programme Il Caso Rai, which is aired on RAI UNO on March 8.) Following his 11-minute appearance at the festival, George returns to England later this evening.

Saturday February 27

With George returning home, Paul arrives in Italy with his new band, who are unveiled when they headline the San Remo Music Festival. The group of musicians now features Hamish Stuart on guitar and bass, Chris Whitten on drums, Gary Barnacle on saxophone, Andrew Chater on violin and Linda McCartney on keyboards. In front of a large All The Best album banner, the group performs lip-synched versions of 'Once Upon A Long Ago' and 'Listen To What The Man Said' for the RAI UNO show. In between the two songs, Paul is interviewed by the host and announces that he has been making some new records with Elvis Costello. Reports on the San Remo Festival, and naturally the appearance of Paul and George, are featured on the news programmes TG1, TG2 and ORE 20:00, this evening. (During Paul's 14-minute appearance, the first track mimed to is the standard single release, while the latter is the version specially recorded for Paul's appearance onWogan, transmitted on BBC1 on November 20, 1987.) Aside from the festival, Paul gives a three-minute interview for the programme Italia 1, which is transmitted on Monday February 29. Interestingly enough, neither Paul nor George knew of each other's appearance at the festival. Even so, the UK tabloid newspaper the News Of The World still runs a story which claims that they had a blazing row at the festival, an event George dismisses during his Aspel And Company appearance with Ringo on March 3 (see entry).

Tuesday March 1

Now back in England, George and Olivia are among the guests present at the birthday party of Renata John at Brown's in Covent Garden, London.

Thursday March 3

With both George and Ringo appearing together on a television chat show, this is a historic day in the history of The Beatles. Their appearance on Aspel & Company, recorded at the London Television Studios on the South Bank, is the first major television interview ever given by any two former Beatles since the group disbanded. It is a wonderfully funny show, programme eight of series five, transmitted for the first, and only, time on Saturday March 5 across the ITV Network. George appears first to promote his latest release 'When We Was Fab', with Ringo joining him later to talk about subjects both amusing and Beatles related. Their appearances total a lengthy 35-minutes. Joining the two former Beatles on the show is the Coronation Street actress Thelma Barlow.

This unique appearance by George and Ringo leads to scores of Beatles' fans rummaging through old Beatles' encyclopaedias and reference books trying to find out the last time that any two of the ex-Beatles appeared together on a major programme since the split. The answer was December 20, 1974, when John joined George in his hotel room during a radio interview following George's final concert on his American 1974 tour, although the two are not actually interviewed at the same time.

And the interview with George and Ringo on 'Aspel & Co' - well worth watching.


"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of "self" to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

1475 Posts
20 September 2014 - 9.16am

Thanks for the interview @meanmistermustard 

Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit” (“Perhaps one day it will be a pleasure to look back on even this”; Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 1, line 203, where Aeneas says this to his men after the shipwreck that put them on the shores of Africa)

Silly Girl
Find me where ye echo lays
8633 Posts
22 January 2016 - 9.02am

I just devoted about an hour of my valuable time to reading over this entire thread, and very interesting it was too, though I haven't anything to add. Admittedly it makes me just a wee bit sour on George a-hard-days-night-paul-4ahdn_paul_02 Bad Georgie! a-hard-days-night-john-7 

But it's nothing new; as a Fiendish Thingy, I try to accept the unsavoury as well as the wonderful about George. And keep in mind his 'The pieces to omit are mine' line from Cloud 9. ahdn_george_06 And he's still the finest slide guitar player I know. a-hard-days-night-george-3 

I agree with everyone who said George wins the award for most complex Beatle, and they're all very complex humans. It's part of why I find him so fascinating. ahdn_george_01

Wot ye lookin at?Music is like a psychiatrist. You can tell your guitar things that you can't tell people. - Sir Paul McCartneyToo fab four you, sorry
 New to Forumpool? You can introduce yourself here
64 Posts
22 January 2016 - 3.28pm

Paul and George's relationship better before George died?

Inside the beat
1609 Posts
22 January 2016 - 3.44pm

SayaOtonashi said

Paul and George's relationship better before George died?

I believe so. Paul was with George very soon before he died, but they had been having dinner and playing ukuleles together for a while before that. In fact I don't think Anthology would have happened at all without a rapport between them.

I'm like Necko only I'm a bassist ukulele synthesizer penguin and also everyone. Or is everyone me? Now I'm a confused bassist ukulele synthesizer penguin everyone who is definitely not @Joe.


19113 Posts
22 January 2016 - 5.32pm

Paul and George settled their differences before George passed. I always liken their relationship to brothers who didn't always get on on a personal level but when something major happened they were there for each other.

Their differences were more often than not put aside during the 'Anthology' period but there were moments when it got a bit tetchy between the two.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of "self" to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

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