The Mad Day Out: location seven

The final location of The Beatles’ Mad Day Out, in which hundreds of photographs were taken around London in the course of a day, was 7 Cavendish Avenue, Paul McCartney’s house in St John’s Wood, north London.

The shoot took place inside the geodesic dome that McCartney had constructed in his back garden. As the sun went down, McCartney was photographed inside with his dog Martha, before being joined by the other Beatles and Mal Evans’ son Gary.

We went back to Paul McCartney’s house in St John’s Wood, and after having tea we went out into his garden where there was this dome, like something out of James Bond or Doctor Who. We all lay around with a huge floppy dog in this strange science-fiction-like space.
Don McCullin
A Day In The Life Of The Beatles

The final shots of this long day were of The Beatles standing outside the dome, photographed from below on the inside.

I used to sit round at my house with Robert Fraser, the gallery owner, listening to music. I’d started talking to him about having a folly. I loved the idea of follies and he put me in touch with an English architect who came up with my geodesic dome. It was my meditation platform. The dome is still there with a little Japanese garden leading up to it. So that’s where we all ended up, in the dome.
Paul McCartney
A Day In The Life Of The Beatles, Don McCullin
Last updated: 5 July 2022
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