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The Beatles live: 527 Club, Lewis’s, Liverpool

This late-night appearance was a staff party for the employees of Lewis’s department store in Liverpool.

The party was held on the top floor of the Ranelagh Street building. It was billed as a “Young Idea Dance”, and the floor was renamed the 527 Club for the event.

The event was headlined by the Dee Valley Jazz Band and Pam, with The Beatles at the bottom of the bill. Tickets cost three shillings and sixpence.

This branch of Lewis’s was the company’s flagship store. The company ran from 1856 to 1991, but went into administration and several stores were bought by the company Owen Owen. By 2001 only the original Ranelagh Street store survived, but was sold in 2007 to Vertigo Retail Ltd and finally closed in 2010.

Ticket for The Beatles' concert at the 527 Club in Lewis's, Liverpool, 28 November 1962

Last updated: 25 January 2024
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