Live: YMCA, Birkenhead

Although they performed in Birkenhead on a number of occasions, this was The Beatles' only performance at the town's YMCA building.

The YMCA was situated at 56 Whetstone Lane. Later that night they gave their eighth performance at the Majestic Ballroom, also in Birkenhead.

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2 responses on “Live: YMCA, Birkenhead

  1. William May

    Billy May here!The Beatles played TWICE at the YMCA in 1962,sharing our gig night.We were a local group called The Beatcats.Pete Best was still with them on the first one

  2. Dafydd Ellis

    I carried the beatles gear in to the ymca and got a free ticket to go and watch them. I neverr went and regretted since
    I was staying at the ymca as i was a trainee at the blue funnel line at the time.

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