Live: wedding reception, Speke, Liverpool

Although The Quarrymen had few formal engagements between March 1958 and the end of the year, they did perform often at parties and family events.

On 20 December 1958 they played at the wedding reception of George Harrison's brother Harry and his bride Irene McCann. The event was held in Speke, Liverpool.

The Quarrymen, 20 December 1958

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4 responses on “Live: wedding reception, Speke, Liverpool

    1. Julian

      The place that the reception was held in was at Childwall Abbey Road. What a coincidence.
      That place is still there to this day with the exact same window that you see in the picture. 🙂

  1. Oyster Black Pearl

    This is in the upstairs function room of the Childwall Abbey Hotel. I can’t add a photo here, but the windows can clearly be seen (on photos) today. This room is on the top right as you face the building.

  2. Graham Clayton

    Was there any particular reason why The Quarrymen had so few formal engagements between March and December of 1958? Did they receive many offers, and turned them down, or they received virtually no offers at all?

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