Back To The Egg album artwork - WingsWritten by: Paul McCartney
Recorded: 11-29 September 1978
Producers: Paul McCartney, Chris Thomas

Released: 8 June 1979 (UK), 11 June 1979 (US)

Available on:
Back To The Egg


Paul McCartney: vocals, concertina

‘Million Miles’ is a song on Wings’ last album Back To The Egg. It is part of a medley with ‘After The Ball’.

Although written in 1972 or 73, the song was recorded at Lympne (pronounced Lim) Castle in Kent, England, in September 1978.

Paul played a concertina or ‘squeezebox’, which was recorded on one of the castle balconies, overlooking the English Channel. An understated, but compelling, gospel-tinged solo showcase, it’s one of the overlooked gems in his canon.
Laurence Juber
Guitar With Wings

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