The Beatles were famous for their moptop haircuts – widely imitated, but never bettered. Can you identify the Beatle from the haircut-cutout?


An early one to kick off with. Who's in the pic?

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This was Beatle George, in Hamburg in 1961!

This comes from 1963, the era of Please Please Me and collarless suits

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This is from an early photo shoot – doesn't John look young?

We're jumping forward to the Summer of Love for this pic

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Here's Paul, on the set of the Strawberry Fields Forever promo film shoot in 1967.

Another early shot from the moptop years

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A very clean-cut Ringo Starr, in an early Beatles photo shoot.

A little straggly, shortly before The Beatles went psychedelic

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This is John, circa 1965.

Looking good in 1968

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Here's George Harrison looking fabulous in 1968, the year of the White Album and Hey Jude.

A pic from the Revolver era

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The Beatles in 1966, with Paul McCartney at the top in the centre.

Recovering in bed after a hard day's night

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On 2 December 1964, Ringo Starr had his tonsils removed at University College Hospital, London, where stayed for ten days.

Taking a dip in the deep blue

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Quite an easy one – this 1964 image was used to promote Martin Scorsese's biopic of George, Living In The Material World.

Smooth and shiny in '65

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This shot by Robert Freeman was used on the cover of the Beatles For Sale No. 2 EP, released in the UK on 4 June 1965.

Beatles hair quiz

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