George Harrison rejoins The Beatles

All four Beatles met on this day to discuss their future, following George Harrison’s sudden departure on 10 January.

George Harrison, January 1969

Harrison was in a commanding position, following a series of dismal sessions at Twickenham Film Studios, and was able to set down his terms for returning to the group. During the five-hour meeting he made it clear that he would leave the group unless the idea of a live show before an audience was dropped.

Harrison also demanded that sessions be moved from Twickenham to the new studio in the basement of Apple’s headquarters in Savile Row, London. He did, however, agree to be filmed making an album, and his new rules didn’t rule out a live performance for the cameras.

It was decided that it would be better if we got back together and finished the record. Twickenham, Studios were very cold and not a very nice atmosphere, so we decided to abandon that and go to Savile Row into the recording studio.
George Harrison
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