Filming: Paperback Writer, Rain

Following the previous day’s shoot inside EMI Studios, The Beatles went on location at Chiswick House in London, to film promotional clips for their forthcoming single ‘Paperback Writer’/‘Rain’.

The Beatles filming a promotional clip for Paperback Writer/Rain, 20 May 1966

As on the previous day, the director was Michael Lindsay-Hogg, working with a crew supplied by InterTel (VTR Services). Unlike the previous day, which was shot on video tape, this day’s footage was captured on 35mm colour film.

Chiswick House is an 18th century house and gardens in west London. For the clip for ‘Rain’, The Beatles were filmed outside the gates and around a cedar tree, with the group performing while children played among the branches.

For ‘Paperback Writer’ the group were filmed inside the conservatory, and miming to the song in the statue garden. Some of the conservatory footage was also used in the ‘Rain’ clip, and extra shots of The Beatles walking in the grounds were later edited into both films.

The colour clips were first shown in black-and-white on BBC 1’s Top Of The Pops. ‘Paperback Writer’ had its first screening on 2 June 1966, while ‘Rain’ had its début on the show on 9 June.

In the evening John and Cynthia Lennon attended a party in London with Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton.

Last updated: 5 May 2020
Recording: For No One
Mixing, editing: And Your Bird Can Sing, Doctor Robert, I'm Only Sleeping
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