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Recording, mixing: Got To Get You Into My Life, Love You To

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick

The Beatles returned after the weekend to continue recording ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’, the rhythm track of which had been completed on 8 April 1966. They also began work on George Harrison’s Indian-flavoured ‘Love You To’.

Work began at 2.30pm. The Beatles began by adding a guitar overdub to ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’, before recording three takes of the rhythm track for Love You To.

Take one of ‘Love You To’ – which at this time had the working title ‘Granny Smith’ – featured just Harrison on vocals and acoustic guitar, plus backing vocals by Paul McCartney. By take three the sitar had made its first appearance, and overdubs were added: track four had Harrison’s vocals and acoustic guitar; he double-tracked his vocals on track three, with McCartney harmonising; and Harrison added sitar to track two. These initial takes were in D minor.

George Harrison's lyrics to the Revolver song Love You To

The Beatles took a break at 7pm to consider further ideas. They reconvened at 8pm for the day’s second session, which ended at 12.45am the following morning.

Takes 4-6 of ‘Love You To’ were recorded, the last of which became the basis of the Revolver version. They were all in C minor.

Track four of take six had Harrison on vocals and acoustic guitar, plus McCartney’s harmony vocals. Track three had more vocals and acoustic guitar from Harrison, while track two had fuzz electric guitar and sitar. Track one had more sitar, again played by Harrison, McCartney’s tambura, and Anil Bhagwat’s tabla.

The session came out of the blue. A chap called Angardi called me and asked if I was free that evening to work with George. I didn’t know who he meant – he didn’t say it was Harrison. It was only when a Rolls-Royce came to pick me up that I realised I’d be playing on a Beatles session. When I arrived at Abbey Road there were girls everywhere with Thermos flasks, cakes, sandwiches, waiting for The Beatles to come out.

George told me what he wanted and I tuned the tabla with him. He suggested I play something in the Ravi Shankar style, 16 beats, though he agreed that I should improvise. Indian music is all improvisation. I was very lucky, they put my name on the record sleeve. I’m really proud of that, they were the greatest ever and my name is on the sleeve. It was one of the most exciting times of my life.

Anil Bhagwat
The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark Lewisohn

Between 12.45 and 1am a rough mono mix of ‘Love You To’ was made in the control room of Studio Two for George Harrison to take away. The song was completed on 13 April.

Last updated: 19 September 2023
Recording: Got To Get You Into My Life
Recording, mixing: Love You To, Paperback Writer
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