‘One More Kiss’ is the fourth song on Wings’ second album Red Rose Speedway.

Mary was three or four around this time, so just a little kid. And you know how fathers often fuss over their kids? So I was fussing over her, she was a really cute baby. And I’m fussing away going, ‘Give me a kiss. Come on, give me a kiss!’ And she’d get fed up with me and sort of go: ‘Dad. Alright. But only one more kiss.’ So I got one more kiss… and a song! It suggested a country and western thing. And I was thinking that when we just listened back to it. A country singer should cover it!
Paul McCartney, 2018

The song was recorded at Abbey Road on 29 and 30 September 1972, under the title ‘Only One More Kiss’. It was initially conceived with an all-acoustic arrangement, but the idea was eventually abandoned.

On the first day, Wings filled three 16-track tapes with versions of the song during an eight-hour session, before admitting defeat.

The next day they reconvened, beginning with take 60 and recording 26 takes. Take 85 was chosen as the best, onto which Henry McCullough overdubbed lead guitar parts towards the end of the session.

‘One More Kiss’ was completed at AIR Studios in London towards the end of 1972.

The song was never performed live by Wings or McCartney as a solo artist.

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