‘Must Do Something About It’ is the ninth song on Wings’ fifth studio album Wings At The Speed Of Sound.

Although written by Paul McCartney, it was sung by the band’s drummer Joe English.

It turned out less of a McCartney production and more of a Wings effort. It wasn’t intended like that. There was one of the songs that I had sung but I just let Joe, our drummer, sing it because he’s got a very nice voice, and he sang it great.
Paul McCartney

I don’t know who Paul wrote it for, but when you read those words, it was pretty much me that they were talking about. A good part of that was where I was at, what I was thinking about, being in another country … I was away from home; my wife was back in the States and Paul could feel that. I started going back and forth between the US and London, every two weeks I’d go home on the weekend.
Denny Laine, 2014
Wings At The Speed Of Sound deluxe edition liner notes

Wings recorded ‘Must Do Something About It’ at Abbey Road on 5 January 1976. Initially it had McCartney on lead vocals, but English’s enthusiasm for the song prompted Wings’ leader to give way.

The song was completed with further overdubs on 19 February, including a harmonium part and English’s lead vocals.

‘Must Do Something About It’ was never performed live by McCartney or Wings.

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