Personality quiz – which Beatle are you?


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Personality quiz – which Beatle are you?
John Lennon
Like John, You're something of a rock 'n' roll peacenik, prone to wordplay, experimentation and exhibitionism. Put on your leather jacket, strap on a guitar, and go and change the world!
Paul McCartney
In the Sixties, Paul was a sharp-dressing, hard-working multi-instrumentalist, a man about town who loved seeking out new experiences and creative ideas. Does this sound like you?
George Harrison
Often considered the quiet one of The Beatles, George was a reluctant star who grew to loathe fame and performing, but who loved pottering around his garden.
Ringo Starr
The man who charmed the world at the peak of Beatlemania, Ringo was the stalwart drummer who remained everyone's dependable friend after the band broke up.

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