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Filming: Help!

The Beatles spent the last day of March 1965 at Twickenham Film Studios working on scenes for Help! - or Eight Arms To Hold You, which the production was still known as at this stage.

Filming: Help!

The second day of filming Help! at Twickenham Film Studios involved more work on the interior temple scene. The sequence was set in the Bahamian section of The Beatles' second film.

Filming: Help!, Austria

The Beatles filmed scenes for Help! at three locations in Obertauern, Austria, on this day: at an Olympic ski jump, on the ski slopes, and in an après-ski cellar.

Filming: Help!, the Bahamas

On the 12th day of filming for The Beatles' second feature film Help!, the group returned to Nassau International Airport for scenes in which they descended aeroplane steps and took photographs of each other.