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Radio: Paul McCartney is interviewed for BBC Radio Merseyside’s Light And Local

A day before he and Linda flew to Corfu for a holiday, Paul McCartney gave an interview to the BBC Radio Merseyside programme Light And Local.

The interview took place at Rembrandt, the house McCartney had bought for his father Jim in 1964. The detached house, on Baskervyle Road, Heswall, Cheshire, had cost £8,750.

McCartney was interviewed by Roy Corlett, who had been a fellow pupil at the Liverpool Institute when McCartney was there. The recording was broadcast on the following day's edition of Light And Local from 12.31-1pm.

The Beatles' recent recording activities were discussed, with McCartney saying that although The Beatles had been out of the public eye, they were busy in the studio. He also said business issues were occupying much of their time, and said he was glad of a break, saying he "still can't stand business".

Talk turned to Beatlemania, and The Beatles' 1964 homecoming to Liverpool. McCartney compared it to scenes in Adelaide a month previously and their record-breaking first concert at Shea Stadium in 1965.

Magical Mystery Tour was mentioned, with McCartney offering a lengthy defence of the television film and saying that in 10 years' time it would be better understood.

Corlett asked about public and press criticism of The Beatles' private lives, which McCartney correctly inferred as meaning John Lennon's relationship with Yoko Ono. He discussed how he felt torn between loyalty to Cynthia Lennon and the realisation that John and Yoko were in love.

Drugs, songwriting methods and family life were also discussed towards the end of the interview. McCartney ended by looking into the future, saying he didn't want to be playing rock 'n' roll at "sixty with grey hair," but that he'd continue singing and making music until his last days.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono are interviewed for BBC radio’s Night Ride

Early in the morning of 12 December 1968, following their performances in The Rolling Stones' Rock And Roll Circus, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave an interview to the BBC radio show Night Ride.

The show was presented by John Peel, and went out live from the BBC's Broadcasting House in central London from 12.05-2am on BBC Radio 1 and 2. The interview was in the first half of the show.

Night Ride also featured performances from folk musicians John Martyn, Harold McNair, Jacquie McShee and John Renbourn, and poet Christopher Logue was another guest.

Lennon and Ono discussed Two Virgins, and Peel played an extract lasting 3'41". The couple also mentioned the Alchemical Wedding, an event which they took part in on 18 December.

Lennon discussed his first guitar, and his plans for a photo book of the You Are Here exhibition he and Ono had recently staged. He spoke about the Rock And Roll Circus, sang a version of It's Now Or Never, and recited his poems Jock And Yono and Once Upon A Pool Table, introducing them as A Piece Of Paper Called Charles.

Towards the end of the interview Ono discussed their film projects, mentioning the screenings of Smile and Two Virgins at the Chicago Film Festival.

After the interview Lennon and Ono returned to Wembley to see The Rolling Stones' performance for their television special.

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