Help! album artworkWritten by: Harrison
Recorded: 17 February 1965
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith

Released: 6 August 1965 (UK), 14 June 1965 (US)

George Harrison: vocals, lead guitar
John Lennon: acoustic rhythm guitar, electric piano
Paul McCartney: bass, piano
Ringo Starr: drums, tambourine
George Martin: piano

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George Harrison's second composition for the Help! album was recorded for inclusion in the film of the same name, although it was later relegated to the second, non-soundtrack, half.

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Presumably written about his relationship with Pattie Boyd, You Like Me Too Much was Harrison's third song to be recorded by The Beatles, after Don't Bother Me and I Need You.

In the studio

The Beatles recorded You Like Me Too Much during a four-hour session on the evening of 17 February 1965. It took them eight attempts to get right.

Harrison double-tracked his vocals, and McCartney's bass was overdubbed separately after the basic track had been recorded.

As on The Night Before, recorded earlier that day, John Lennon played a Hohner Pianet electric piano. McCartney and George Martin, meanwhile, played the introduction simultaneously on different ends of a Steinway grand piano.

The introduction, incidentally, bears a passing resemblance to that of Harrison's 1969 masterpiece Something, although this is likely to have been nothing more than a coincidence.