Thank You Girl

Past Masters album artworkWritten by: Lennon-McCartney
Recorded: 5, 13 March 1963
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith

Released: 11 April 1963 (UK), 27 May 1963 (US)

John Lennon: vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Paul McCartney: vocals, bass
George Harrison: lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums

Available on:
Past Masters
Live At The BBC

Thank You Girl was originally intended to be The Beatles' third single, until they came up with From Me To You.

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Thank You Girl was one of our efforts at writing a single that didn't work. So it became a b-side or an album track.
John Lennon, 1980
All We Are Saying, David Sheff

As with From Me To You, it was a collaboration between Lennon and McCartney, written "head-to-head". It's likely that Lennon was mainly responsible for the verses, with McCartney contributing the chorus and middle eight.

We'd already written Thank You Girl as the follow-up to Please Please Me. This new number [From Me To You] was to be the b-side. We were so pleased with it, we knew we just had to make it the a-side, Thank You Girl the b.
John Lennon

Originally titled Thank You, Little Girl, the song was intended as a message of gratitude for the support from the group's fans. As McCartney explained, "We knew that if we wrote a song called Thank You Girl that a lot of the girls who wrote us fan letters would take it as a genuine thank you. So a lot of our songs were directly addressed to the fans."

Like many of their early songs, (cf. Love Me Do, Please Please Me, PS I Love You), the two songwriters used the trick of including 'I', 'me' or 'you' in the title, to make it seem more personal.

These early songs were wonderful to learn by and were good album fillers. [Thank You Girl] was pretty much co-written but there might have been a slight leaning towards me with the 'thank you, girl' thing, it sounds a bit like me, trying to appease the mob. A bit of a hack song really, but all good practice.
Paul McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

A version of Thank You Girl, recorded in front of a live audience at the Playhouse Theatre in London, was included in the Live At The BBC collection. It was taped on 19 June 1963, and broadcast four days later on the Easy Beat programme.

In the studio

Recording mainly took place on 5 March 1963. Thank You Girl was recorded in six takes. Seven additional edits were then recorded.

Mark Lewisohn, in the Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, suggests these edits were for the 'guitar flourish' at the end; in Revolution In The Head, Ian MacDonald claims these were, in fact, for Ringo Starr's closing drum fills.

On 13 March the song was completed with the addition of the harmonica overdub, recorded in 15 takes by John Lennon.

16 responses on “Thank You Girl

  1. Daniel Celano

    According to, George Martin apparently decided that some extra harmonica overdubs weren’t needed for the mono mix of Thank You Girl, so they were left off during that mixing session. That’s because they were added later for the stereo mix.

  2. pepperland

    Both Mark Lewisohn and Ian MacDonald are right. John and Paul messed up on vocals, George did something slightly different on guitar and Ringo needed some extra practise on his drum solo. It was not one persons fault.

    1. Takemeback

      Why do you think they messed up? I really like John’s rough voice and Paul high vocal harmony to back it up.. Fits perfectly IMO. Guitar IMO has good rhythm and was a nice add up to a slighty slow song.

  3. geothemusicman

    Great song, as are all Lennon/McCartney Compositions!!! By the way a song called “Post Acid” by Wavves sounds like this, look it up!

  4. johnlennonsrhythmguitar

    Should’ve been included on the Please Please Me album. It would’ve been a good semi-closer in the vein of the Sgt pepper reprise, like “Thank you girl for all your support and love, sadly, this is our last number for now”, then launches into Twist & Shout

  5. Johan cavalli

    I am always astonished over McCartney´s attemps to get the credit of what Lennon composed, especially about the songs from 1963-1965, or before Yesterday. During that time Lennon was the dominant composer, and that embarrasses McCartney tremendesly. This song was written in March 1963. It starts with the often use of the same note, and that is very typical Lennon. And then the middle part with the long serie of falling notes, so typical Lennon! almost exact the melody as the beginning of Lennon´s Please Please Me! Even Ian MacDonald writes in his Revolution in the Head, that at least the verse is composed by Lennon.
    And McCartney dared saying — after Lennon´s death — that “there might have been a slight leaning towards me with Thank You Girl”.

    1. Mike

      Always astonishes me that some people treat Lennon as some “god’. Lennon himself said McCartney was head and shoulders beyond him in him musical abilities, particularly in the early years. The song is very much “Mac”. Why can’t some “fans” just acknowledge that McCartney was certainly Lennon’s equal. Lennon did.

  6. Graham Paterson

    This is a lovely catchy number, that I first heard on my eldest sisters copy of The Beatles Hits E.P.I agree with one of the other contributors , this would have been great on the Please Please Me album. It is an early example of the great quality of Beatles B-sides that they kept up till the very end.

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