Don’t Ever Change

Live At The BBC album artworkWritten by: Goffin-King
Recorded: 1 August 1963
Producer: Terry Henebery

Released: 30 November 1994 (UK), 5 December 1994 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, bass
George Harrison: vocals, lead guitar
John Lennon: rhythm guitar
Ringo Starr: drums

Available on:
Live At The BBC

A rare harmony duet between Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Don't Ever Change was taped for the BBC's Pop Go The Beatles radio programme in August 1963.

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The song was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. It was originally recorded by The Crickets, and reached number five in the British singles charts in 1962, although it failed to chart in the US.

The Crickets were Buddy Holly's backing group prior to his death in February 1959, and who continued recording and performing in their own right afterwards. The Beatles were big fans of Buddy Holly, and recorded his Words Of Love for the Beatles For Sale album.

They never recorded Don't Ever Change for EMI, but did tape a version for Pop Go The Beatles in the Playhouse Theatre, Manchester, on 1 August 1964. It was first broadcast on 27 August, and eventually released in 1994 on the Live At The BBC collection.


You never wear a stitch of lace
Your powder's never on your face
You're always wearing jeans
Except on Sunday

So please don't ever change
No don't you ever change
I kind of like you just the way you are

You don't know the latest dance
But when it's time to make romance
Your kisses let me know
You're not a tomboy

So please don't ever change
No don't you ever change
Just promise me you're always gonna be
As sweet as you are

I love you when you're happy
I love you when you're blue
I love you when you're mad at me
So how can I get tired of you?

Well, lots of other girls I've seen
They know how to treat guys mean
But you would rather die
Than ever hurt me

So please don't ever change
No don't you ever change
Just promise me you're always gonna be
As sweet as you are

Please don't ever change
Don't you ever change
Please don't ever change
Don't you ever change

9 responses on “Don’t Ever Change

  1. Ammar

    it is intersting to hear the only Paul & George full duet in a song…

    of course Paul will add harmony to many of Georges songs, but this is the only place they sang it completely together other than the usual John & Paul duet.

  2. Barry

    I always consider this a George Harrison vocal. Although Paul sings too, George’s voice is the one that stands out, and is most memorable. Same with “So How Come” also from the BBC sessions.

    By the way the lyrics to this song are horrible. “Your kisses let me know
    You’re not a tomboy” makes me cringe!!

  3. Bungalow Bob

    This song is on my computer, but I never really listened to it until it was selected as the Beatles Bible “Song o’ the Day.” Now, I find the sprightly melody uplifting to hear, and the rare George/Paul harmony vocal very enjoyable to dissect. But, uh… those lyrics! In his later interviews, John was always ripping his and Paul’s lesser songs as inconsequential “horrors;” Imagine his colorful critique about a “gem” like “Don’t Ever Change.”

  4. Will White

    I think this is a wonderful version and could easily have made it onto either of the first two albums. A shame George and Paul didn’t do more together – I’d always add All My Loving as a near duet.

  5. wborys

    for All My Loving, on the Ed Sullivan Show, George actually takes over melody,
    while Paul did the high harmony. guess Georgie couldn’t reach that high.
    any way, that was sooo cool !

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