Paul McCartney recorded a version of Buddy Holly’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’ on the final day of the One Hand Clapping sessions at Abbey Road Studios in August 1974.

Holly’s version was recorded in 1957, and released the following year as a single. Although credited to Holly’s bass guitarist Joe B Mauldin, producer Norman Petty, and rhythm guitarist Niki Sullivan, Holly’s drummer Jerry Allison said he wrote the bridge, and Holly composed the remainder.

The Beatles were huge fans of Holly, and in 1973 McCartney purchased Petty’s publishing company Nor Va Jak Music Inc, which owned the rights to many of Holly’s songs.

McCartney and Denny Laine recorded ‘I’m Gonna Love You To’ for Laine’s 1977 album Holly Days. A home video of McCartney performing the song was included in the menu of the first disc of his 2007 DVD box set The McCartney Years.

The 1974 Abbey Road recording remained officially unreleased until the One Hand Clapping album in June 2024. It was one of six songs on a bonus 7″ single included with copies sold via McCartney’s website.

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