‘Children Children’ is the sixth track on Wings’s penultimate album London Town.

It was one of five songs on the album co-written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine. The song’s working title was ‘Heidi and Laine’, named after Laine’s infant daughter.

That came about as a result of being at Paul’s house one day, where they’ve got a little waterfall in the back. It seemed a nice place for kids to play, so I got the idea from that. He liked it, and Linda liked it, and we had a go at it.
Denny Laine
BBC Radio 1, 1978

As with ‘Deliver Your Children’ on the album, the lead vocals on ‘Children Children’ were sung by Laine.

We thought we should do it like a fairytale kind of thing. It’s like a children’s song. So we tried to do it as if it was like the soundtrack to a cartoon. You imagine lots of little fat elves and stuff down in the dingly dell, all playing on their flutes and little autoharps and stuff.
Paul McCartney
BBC Radio 1, 1978

Wings recorded ‘Children Children’ at Abbey Road on 18 February 1977, and completed it towards the end of the year.

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