Credited to Suzy And The Red Stripes, ‘B-Side To Seaside’ was the b-side of the ‘Seaside Woman’ single.

The a-side was written by Linda McCartney, partly in response to a lawsuit from Northern Songs and Maclen Music alleging that Paul McCartney had falsely claimed to have collaborated with Linda on ‘Another Day’.

‘B-Side To Seaside’ was written by Paul McCartney, and featured just him and Linda. It was recorded on 18 February 1977 at Abbey Road Studios.

‘Seaside Woman’ and ‘B-Side To Seaside’ were both included on Linda McCartney’s posthumous album Wide Prairie.

When a b-side was required for the release of ‘Seaside Woman’, Linda and I whipped up this witty little ditty. It’s light-hearted flavour exemplifies Linda’s attitude to life. Amongst her favourite sayings was, ‘Don’t make so much of it’.
Paul McCartney
Wide Prairie liner notes

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