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Welcome to the Beatles Bible song list for Paul McCartney. On this page you'll find links to articles on certain songs recorded by McCartney during his post-Beatles solo career.

This list is sorted alphabetically. You can also find songs via the Paul McCartney albums list.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of McCartney's songs, but over time we intend to add to it.

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    1. Joe Post author

      As it says at the top of the page, it’s a work in progress and I hope to add to it. I’m not taking requests, though, so please don’t put forward songs you think I need to cover! When I have time I’ll do them all.

      1. Stevie D

        As far as not doing requests, wouldn’t it be helpful to have people offer you Titles to help make you list more comprehensive. You could ad said songs as an addendum without hyperlinks?

        1. Joe Post author

          It wouldn’t be helpful to me, but thanks for the offer. He’s written so many songs that the list would mainly contain non-hyperlinked entries, making it harder to find the actual content. Also, at the moment I’m not writing any song articles so there’s not likely to be any progress on this in the near future.

    1. Joe Post author

      Not really – to go much further I need to find time to write more, but at the moment I’m just not able. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to make more progress. Glad you like the site!

  1. Graham Paterson

    Just a few comments about some songs not on albums that I have already talked about. Paul McCartney and Wings singles first. Hi, Hi, Hi and Juniors Farm are great rockers, as is Helen Wheels. My Irish ancestry on my Mum’s side of the family means I just have to love Give Ireland Back To The Irish. I know a lot of people hate it, but I enjoy Mary Had a Little Lamb, it is so catchy. Live and Let Die, produced by George Martin is a classic, I used to love it on the radio in the 70’s. I also have a lot of time for Getting Closer off Back To The Egg, which was also a single. I have mentioned it before, but I have great memories of the song and TV video clip of Mull of Kintyre . It takes me back to Christmas 1977. I also like the flip side Girl’s School. Dear Friend off Wild Life is a heartfelt message to John Lennon, a lovely song.

  2. Graham Paterson

    Pipes of Peace was not as good an album as Tug of War, but there were some fine songs. I do love the title song, Pipes of Peace, So Bad and Say Say Say. Whilst Give My Regards To Broad Street was panned by the critics, but the single off it No More Lonely Nights is a beautiful song, my opinion of this hasn’t changed since 1984, when it was first released.

  3. Graham Paterson

    Paul McCartney’s 1999 covers CD Run Devil Run is brilliant. It rates a long side John Lennon’s Rock n Roll album from 1975 as one of the great covers collections. In fact the songs are taken from the same period, 1950’s-early 60’s. All are great renditions. I love McCartney’s take on All Shook Up. Every song is brilliant, but my particular favorite is the single from it, No Other Baby.An absolutely beautiful song, with a fantastic promo video. You can see the significance of this song with the death of his beloved Linda the year before. This like the whole album highlights Paul McCartney’s great vocals. I got this CD second hand a few years after it’s original release and love it

  4. Graham Paterson

    I have a lot of time for McCartney’s 2005 CD Chaos And Creation In The Backyard. His song writing at it’s best. Songs such as Fine Line, Jenny Wren, Friends To Go and Riding To Vanity Fair are beautiful. Likewise the 2007 CD Memory Almost Full is brilliant. I love Dance Tonight,Ever Present Past, That Was Me and The End of the End. Once again Paul McCartney’s song writing at it’s best.Many of the ballads on these two CD’s remind me of McCartney’s writing in The Revolver album period. The first was released when he was still with Heather Mills and the latter after they split, so there is an obvious change in perspective.I got these both when they were released.I believe Paul McCartney as a song writer is now more autobiographical than in earlier years.

  5. Graham Paterson

    Another McCartney song I love is Sally G the B side of Juniors Farm that became a hit in it’s own right in the States. This is a great Country and Western number. As Paul McCartney did on a number of Beatles songs i.e. I’ve Just Seen A Face, Mother Nature’s Son etc, he can write and sing a great country song. Like Mick Jagger does on The Stones Far Away Eyes off Some Girls, he could also do it tongue and cheek and come up with a great song. Paul McCartney does it with Sally G and on The Beatles White Album with Rocky Raccoon. Jagger and Richards were masters at it as well and let’s not forget Ringo’s Don’t Pass Me By. Of course Sally G and the rocker A side Juniors Farm were recorded in Nashville, the home of Country and Western music.Paul McCartney has always had a penchant for recording in interesting locations. Paul, Linda and the rest of Wings recorded the album Venus and Mars in New Orleans. London Town was largely recorded while the McCartney’s were moored off the Virgin Islands. At the time of Venus and Mars recording, John Lennon went close to going down to New Orleans to start writing and singing with Paul again. Of course this did not happen, sadly. Most famously of all Band on the Run was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria.

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