Vinyl variants

In addition to standard CD, black vinyl, and digital download editions, there was a dizzying array of coloured vinyl pressings:

Only the two red editions, the Target green, and Third Man Records’ 333 Edition (see below) had non-standard cover artwork with coloured dice.

333 Edition

On 21 October 2020, Jack White’s Third Man Records announced a ‘333 Edition’ of McCartney III, retailing at $60, and pressed on yellow and black vinyl. It came before the album’s official confirmation, and sold out within minutes.

McCartney III — 333 Edition is limited to 333 copies and is pressed on ‘yellow-with-black-dots’ vinyl created using 33 recycled vinyl copies of McCartney and McCartney II by Third Man Pressing. This special “regrind” pressing, the first version of McCartney’s third self-titled solo album available for purchase, is hand-numbered and features an exclusive screen-printed jacket.

The label also released a ‘Third Man Edition’ of 3,333 hand-numbered red vinyl copies, sold via, with a Third Man logo on the cover. This was in addition to the unnumbered red variant sold from McCartney’s store.

CD variants

On 17 November the official McCartney web store announced four exclusive CD variants with different coloured dice on the front, and a different demo on each. There were white, red, blue, and yellow versions.

There were also McCartney III-branded facemasks, baseball caps, dice bags, and t-shirts, with different designs for each of the four colours.

The US store sold two different CD version for each colour variant. One was the “Secret Demo Edition Cover CD” for $7.33, and the other was the “Deluxe Edition Cover CD” for $14.33. Each version contained a demo exclusive to that colour.

In the US there were box sets containing: demo edition CD and dice; demo edition CD and hat; demo edition CD and t-shirt; and demo edition CD and mask. Repeat for each of the four colours.

The UK store, meanwhile, sold the items individually, and as complete bundles for each colour.

In addition to the above, there was a standard white CD edition with a 16-page booklet and no bonus demo. This was the standard version of the album.

In the US, Target sold an exclusive version with a green die on the cover.

There was also a Japanese edition with four bonus tracks. Initial quantities from CDJapan came with an A4 calendar.

Cassette variants

If all the above wasn’t enough, there were, additionally, two cassette versions.

They mercifully did not come with artwork in a variety of colours. The two variants were a black cassette and a semi-opaque “Smokey Tint” version.

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