Recorded: 1969-1980
Producers: Yoko Ono, Rob Stevens

Released: 2 November 1998 (UK), 3 November 1998 (US)


A box set containing four compact discs of previously-unreleased studio outtakes, live recordings and home demos made by John Lennon between 1969 and 1980, John Lennon Anthology was issued in 1998.

The collection was divided into four separate stages in Lennon’s solo career: Ascot, which encompassed the era of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Imagine; New York City, featuring songs from Some Time In New York City and Mind Games; The Lost Weekend, documenting the often-chaotic sessions for Walls And Bridges and Rock ‘N’ Roll; and Dakota, which contained a selection of home recordings made during Lennon’s househusband years.

John Lennon Anthology also came with a 62-page book, with an introduction by Yoko Ono, notes by her on each of the discs, an essay by Anthony DeCurtis, photographs, drawings and lyrics. It also contained a feature written by Lennon and Ono in 1979, originally published in the New York Times, titled ‘A love letter from John and Yoko to people who ask us what, when, and why’, in which they sought to inform their fans why so little had been heard of them in recent years.