Beatle people

Here you'll find links to profiles of key people involved in The Beatles' story, from the members of the band through to their wives and girlfriends, friends, colleagues and collaborators.

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It isn't a comprehensive list, and nor could it ever be - far too many people made an impact upon the group's history. However, we will add more profiles in the near future.

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  1. Brad

    You should have Eric Clapton because he played the solo on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, played in The Concert for Bangladesh and The Concert for George, married Harrison’s ex-wife Pattie Boyd, and throughout all this remained one of Harrison’s best friends.

      1. Noah

        Agreed. Ravi considered George like a son and had said that George knew more about his own country’s cultures and customs than a lot of people who were born there.

    1. Joe Post author

      I haven’t forgotten her at all. The profiles are for key people who figured in The Beatles’ career up until 1970, which is the core focus of this site. As Barbara Bach married Ringo Starr in 1981 I’d say she’s a peripheral figure at best.

  2. robert

    I also think Eric Clapton should be in the list – mainly because during the Get Back Session – when George Harrison walked out – John Lennon suggested getting Eric to replace George.

    One may wonder had George not returned if they really would have asked Eric and if Eric would have accepted – but it certainly shows (at least to me) that in 1969 Eric was a Beatle people – and almost became a Beatle – or at least almost was asked!

    And it certainly would have been interesting to see Paul McCartney tell Eric Clapton what to play and what not to play!

    1. Greg Dray

      Eric would never have been in the Beatles. Had George not returned they simply would have split sooner. I doubt Clapton would have accepted such an offer anyway. Lennon was just being an ass by making that statement, which was common for John.

  3. Russel

    You have overlooked Norman Smith, the engineer for every song from Please Please Me up to the Revolver album. Also Ken Scott,Phil MacDonald and a few more, who were the engineers for the White Album plus songs like Hey Jude, Walrus, etc etc. These were not peripheral people and only the 4 Beatles and George Martin were more relevant to the Beatles sound. If this is the bible it’s missing an entire chapter.

    1. Maxwell Kerr

      Norman “Hurricane” Smith, or as John called him “Normal”, is worth writing about, as he must have been a pretty interesting guy: he also engineered some of the early Pink Floyd tracks,which if you are familiar w/any of that stuff (i.e. Ummagumma),he must have been a real genius…Listen also to his big hit “What Would You Say” w/the big honking tenor sax solos and string section – totally mod!

  4. s

    NYC radio DJ’s Murray ‘The K’ Kaufman and Bruce ‘Cousin Brucie’ Morrow enthusiastically introduced and fanatically promoted Beatles music and appearances to NY metropolitan area audiences, during ’64-66′ period.

  5. Gaura

    The most under-rated personality to impact on the Bealte`s history is AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

    AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the saintly founder and spiritual master of the Hare Krishna Movement, was far more influential on George Harrison and John Lennon than the media publisised Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

    When Srila Prabhupada, as he is known to his students arrived in England for the first time. John sent his paisley painted Rolls Royce to pick him up at the airport to bring the guru to his estate, the former Cadbury mansion, at Ascot Tittenhurst.

    Bhaktivedanta Swami lived at John and Yoko`s for three months instructing John , Yoko, and George in the science of bhakti yoga during that time and they had many exchanges. John credits later writing Give Peace A Chance and Instant Karma as a result of these meetings.Many of George`s songs were all inspired by Bhaktivedanta Swami from Long, Long , Long , to Something, My Sweet Lord, Awaiting On You All, It Is He (Jai Sri Krishna),etc…

    George donated $ 250,000 to purchase the Hare Krishna Temple in Letchmore Heath, Watford, and when there were some problems with the Town Concil at a later date, he offered his entire home to become the new temple at Henley-on-Thames.

    During the recording of Let It Be, a disciple of Bhativedanta Swami named Syamasundara das came to Abbey Road and during a break, the Bealtes sat with him to ask him what the Krishna philsophy was all about and he spoke to them for over 2 hours while they remained receptive.

    To this day Paul Mc Cartney regulrarly orders Take Out from the Govinda`s Vegetarian Restaurant run by the Hare Krishna devotees as well as his birthday cakes etc…He also hired a staff of Krishna devotees from America to travel with him on his last tour in England to be his cooks and to promote vegetarianism in the world with his Meatless Monday campaign

  6. Mitch

    There are a few really important people you need to include..

    Ken Townsend – Engineer – Creator of A.D.T on the Beatles records. Artificial Double Tracking – Major advancement in the recording industry.

    Norman Smith – Engineer – Major Influence on the Beatles Sound.

    Richard Lush – Engineer – Majorly influential – Engineered Sgt Peppers

    I hope that these characters will get mentioned a little more as they are part of the Beatles sound.

    P.S This site is a really good site and keep up the amazing work.

    //_ Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream …..Lennon

  7. John

    Hi Joe,
    I think this is an awesome site. I would suggest for consideration Chris Thomas. It sounds like he played a fairly important role in recording them. Again, very impressive web site.

  8. Rob

    it safe to say that any time we endeavor to put together an all encompassing knowledge base for say the BEatles, we must include the key elements to their aura and achievements. Music, Management and Appearence. Although I’d mention family and influences, I think that plays out in the music dept. Management is addressed suffieceintly in current Bible, but nothing/nobody about their Appearance (style), from guitar choices to glasses,to cars to hair and clothes, etc. I’m not gonna mention who we left out because as Beatle fans and freaks we know who they were, and thus we should call on some team members to include this area so as to round out the package that was the impact of the Beatles (and success) were we first saw them on Ed Sullivan. What say yee?

    1. Joe Post author

      Hi Rob. There is no team; this site is a one-man show. I’m adding as much as I’m able, and I’m aware that not every aspect of The Beatles’ lives and careers has been covered. Some things I may never get round to doing, but I’m still working on the major omissions (mainly around the history section, which is ever-expanding).

  9. Stefan

    Great website, but I think you’re missing Norman Smith, the Beatles Studio Engineer before Geoff Emerick, and later the Producer for Pink Floyd. If you have Geoff, you need Norman.

  10. bob

    Hi I remember seeing the Beatles in 1962 at a place called The Marine Hall in Fleetwood Lancashire, they had the teddy boy look in them days. P S just a little note I used to play football down our street a place called Thornton Clevelys just outside Blackpool I was about 12and a lad whose cousin lived a few doors away from me came on holiday from Liverpool , his name was Gerry Marsden , who later became Gerry And The Pacemakers, didnt even know he love music like me,!!

  11. Laura

    I think Jenny Boyd should have her own entry here. Sister of Pattie, sister in law to George, friend to all Beatles and their women (especially Cynthia Lennon, with whom she took a trip to Greece in 1968), friend to Magic Alex, companion in India, companion on the trip to Wales to see Maharishi, muse to Beatle friend and contemporary Donovan, employee of the Apple Boutique, host to George and Pattie on their famous jaunt to San Francisco. She was definitely one of their inner circle, and she was along for the ride as long as Pattie was.

  12. allyouneedisloveandpeace

    I think Brian Jones/Rolling Stones could be added onhere, Brian did contribute to a few songs and the beatles gave them I Wanna Be Your Man, and they’ve played on eachother’s sessions. Plus John played with Keith with Dirty Mac

  13. Bill

    ah… how about Bob Dylan??!! The man who introduced the Beatles to pot? Who deeply influenced John’s songwriting? Who became a good friend of George’s and collaborated with him? Ya think?

    1. Joe Post author

      A lot of these suggestions I don’t really see any value in. Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton etc were peripheral figures in the Beatles story, and there are far better biographies of them elsewhere. The Rolling Stones (as someone suggested recently) surely don’t need including.

      There are a few omissions, though, mainly studio staff and wives and girlfriends. I haven’t updated this section for a while now but should really do so at some point.

  14. Jeff Pinto

    Good selection and in general, I agree with your decision not to travel into the periphery too much. Have to ask, though, about Peter Brown’s absence. Worked with Brian Epstein and later, a director for Apple. Mentioned by name in Lennon’s “Ballad of John and Yoko.” His book was one of the best intimate records of the band and its key people. Peter was there just as much as Alistair or Tony.

  15. Angelo

    I do not want to sound unorthodox, but I believe one person is missing from the Beatle People list. The showman Roy Young. On october 7, 2012 at Bologna airport, I was waiting to board my flight back home to Bari. The night before I had seen Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds live. A gentleman was in the queue for the chocolate till and we started talking about music…I knew his face ! He said “You need a little help to recognize me” and handed me a picture of himself playing piano at the Star Club in Hamburg with The Beatles and Pete Best in 1962 ! Lucky day indeed !!

  16. Don Stine

    Great job.I have been Beatles fan since the dark days(1973 untill John was Murdered) Grew up in the inner city of L.A. It was very uncool for black kids to like the Beatles.We were dirt poor so before I bought my first Beatles LP I had to wait for the only song the would play on KLOS.”Got To Get You Into My Life”.They used to wait 10 years to show a film on T.V. so in ’74 and ’75 when the showed A Hard Days Night and Help! on T,V. it was like Christmas to me! I was still in grade school and there were n VCRs so I put a tape recorder up to the TV speaker and played those tape cassettes untill the broke! This website is the best thing ever! Thank you ! Keep it up.

  17. Marilynn

    May pang definitely needs to be on the list, not only was she their personal assistant but also johns lover. I know her relationship with john Lennon ended up being called a “lost weekend” but they were together for a year and they were in love, even after he went back to yoko he was still seeing may. I recommend her first book called “loving John” its an excellent book. I miss you so much john. what a great loss :(, you will forever be in my heart.

  18. robert

    Hi Joe – as you know I love the site – so this is a comment not a complaint – however I think May Pang should be on the list of Beatle people by virtue of the simple fact that the site carries an interview you did with her. If she’s worthy of an interview that combined with her other intersections with Beatle life: i.e., such as she was at the historic reunion of John and Paul in LA and she and John were going down to New Orleans to record with Paul before Yoko strangled that, plus she has incredibly rare pictures of John only because she lived with him for 18 months, all that combined with your interview sort of qualifies her as a Beatle people. I know you have a lot to work on – so may be it’s in the works.
    Just a thought

    1. Joe Post author

      I’ve addressed this before, but I’ll say it again. This is primarily a Beatles site (rather than Beatles-and-solo, though I have done a bit of solo stuff), so the focus is on those people who were significant up to 1970. Yes, I interviewed her because I was given the opportunity, and it would have been foolish to turn it down. But this section is for the Beatles years.

      1. robert

        Fair enough. I knew you had a logical reason. I still restate my Clapton point (from above Monday 13 September 2010) since I have your attention! All the best.

  19. Dan

    Hi Joe: This is an incredible site. I’d love to see a section about Apple, the artists they signed, the songs they gave to other artists and/or produced. Mary Hopkin comes to mind. Thanks again for all the great work!

  20. jimmy

    Got to have Freda Kelly! No one talks about her much, but she was in charge of their fan club and of the Beatles magazine the whole time. She started working for them at the Cavern all the way up until they broke up. There’s a documentary on Netflix about her.

  21. Gregory

    The early Quarrymen? Pete Shotton, Len Gary, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton…I don’t recall anyone else, sorry. I think Andy White who played on “Love me do”(on the “Please Please Me” album) should be included as well.

  22. Mike Faunce

    Met Sam Leach at Hard a Days Night Hotel in June 2014 on a Beatles Tour…!!!! Seems to me he was a part of the Beatles and A Big part of the Mersey Beat…!!!! He is featured at The Beatles Story too…!!!! Very knowledgable and a gentleman…!!!!

  23. BeatleKen

    Hey give the man time to research these people. Not everyone can be here. He’s doin and has done a fantastic job with this site. if u wanted to list everyone they ever were friends with then u’d have to list most English musicians of the 60’s. Brian Jones,Mick Jagger,Keith Richards,Jimi Hendrix etc. Great job Joe

  24. mick messenger

    What about Bob Freeman who took many photos of the group including the classic four heads in black and white, also record sleeves- Rubber soul.
    I worked with him when he shot the title sequences for Hard day’s night and Help.

  25. John Canale

    hi Joe, I recently had otator cuff surgery and this site is just what i needed, I love it, spending hours and hours passing time as i recuperate. Question: i could swear I read somewhere under one of the songs that Steve Marriott was on hand in the studio. I tried to revisit it , so icould show a friend , but now i can’t find it anywhere. Was i dreaming, or in a percocet haze???

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