Here, there and everywhere: a Beatles map

There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some for ever not for better
Some have gone and some remain

This map aims to plot locations where incidents in The Beatles' career took place. The majority correspond to entries in the day-by-day history of events; each page, where relevant, also features a map to provide further context to the story.

Entries have been categorized according to the legend below. These categories can be turned on or off to isolate certain types of entry, eg live concerts or television appearances. Certain events fall into more than one category; when this is the case, a white marker with a rainbow inside appears on the map. White markers with a + sign mean a location has more than one entry.

Some buildings and other locations no longer exist due to the passage of time since events took place. Where possible we have attempted to pinpoint the location of these places, but welcome any feedback to help improve the map. Please note also that work on this site is ongoing, and new entries are added regularly.

27 responses on “Here, there and everywhere: a Beatles map

        1. Joe Post author

          Unless we’re seeing different results, there’s only one Gibralter pin given on that link, and it’s quite a bit further north (Casemates Square) from where my article has it located. Precise co-ordinates for The Convent would be welcome if anyone has them.

  1. Rem ter Hofstede


    How about Blokker (near Hoorn – Netherlands) a small village where the Beatles (minus Ringo – subst. Jimmy Nichol) played 2 live sets on June 6. 1964)

    1. Joe Post author

      Not really, no. I might do when the site’s finished, but not before then. It’s beyond my know-how at the moment, but if I get some spare time I might look into it. As it stands I’ve got far too much else to do currently, and I don’t see any particular benefit to me in converting them to KML files.

  2. Jen

    Haha, this is absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for this site. Perfect for any Beatles fanatics. I often find myself here looking up things during my personal finance computer class at school. =)

  3. McLerristarr

    This map was a great idea Joe and it’ll be fantastic when it’s finished. You must get sick of people telling you to add new places though.

  4. robert

    Hi Joe , is it ? The Beatles performed live at the Stadium, Rushcutters Bay Sydney Australia. Corner New South Head Road and Neild Avenue. on the south east side of this intersection. the railway and west bound lanes of NSH road crosses the building site. Theres a white marker on the west side on Neild Avenue. I went to the concert. Mum took me.I can send you an air photo of the Stadium. …Cheers

    1. Joe Post author

      No. This site launched in March 2008, but I didn’t start regular news updates until later in the year. You didn’t really expect every single McCartney show to be on there did you? Maybe eventually it’ll happen – at the moment I’m concentrating on the Beatles years.

  5. john

    They played La Scala ballroom, Runcorn, Cheshire a couple of times. I can pinpoint the building for you if you like – I used to live a couple of hundred yards away.

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks John. The reason it’s on the map is because those shows took place in 1962, and I haven’t done that year (or 1961) yet. If you could post a direct link to the point on Google Maps that’d be very useful.

  6. Erick Byrd

    Hi Joe,

    I have a site to add to your map. I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to the point of adding hotels where The Beatles stayed on tour, but if you are I have the address for The Cabana Hotel, where they stayed for their 9/18/1964 concert in Dallas, Texas. It is found at this address: 899 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207-3707 The location is now the Dallas County Corrections Department. The former luxury hotel was built in 1962 and was once owned by Doris Day. It was converted to a jail in the mid-1980’s.

  7. Karen Pratt

    The Beatles landed in Walnut Ridge AR on Sept 20th 1964 to a waiting crowd of fans…This year we celebrated the event with a Beatles on The Ridge Musicfest with Louise Harrison and her Liverpool Legends and reveiled a Beatles Tribute Sculpture that now resides on our own Abbey Road. This was reported by the BBC and in The Wall Street Journal….maybe we deserve a marker? Please say yes! : )

  8. Paul Buttrill

    I’ve just viewed the map to see the closest the Beatles have played to where I live. I was stunned to find that they played at the end of my Street in 1963. Unfortunately the building is no longer there and has been replaced by houses but it gives me great pleasure to know that when I look out of my window I can see where the greatest band have played just before Beatlemania started.

  9. Sugarplum fairy

    Just reading around the site and noticed this bit. I have a similar story to Paul’s above. I live in Newquay Cornwall in the far West of England where some of Magical Mystery Tour was filmed. One of the sites (the Huers hut) can be seen in the film with the Beatles relaxing against the railings of this strange looking white building. It’s still all exactly as it was except it has become tatty. Happily an online appeal has now raised enough to secure its future.

  10. Jim Renshaw

    FYI in addition, according to information posted in the Beatles Museum in Albert Docks, the last Beatles Concert at the Liverpool Empire was December 5th, 1965. Their first appearance was October 28th, 1962. Before that, back in 1957, as “The Quarrymen” they auditioned for the Carroll Levis Discovery show, “TV Star Search”. They failed the audition. I was at that audiition with a male singing group – we passed the audition! Didn’t do me much good, did it? Ha! Ha!

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