If you’ve tried our easy trivia quiz and found it, well, too easy, here’s a tricker challenge – ten questions designed to test the knowledge of even the biggest Beatles fan!


Across The Universe was originally on a fundraising album for the World Wildlife Fund. Which label released it?

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The album was put together by Spike Milligan, and also featured recordings by The Hollies, Lulu, Cliff Richard, and Bruce Forsyth.

Which of these was not a genuine 1960s novelty record?

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There was a spate of Beatle-related singles in the first flush of Beatlemania. Others included I Dreamed I Was A Beatle by Murray Kellum, Only Seventeen by The Beattle-Ettes, and Beatles, Please Come Back by Gigi Parker & The Lonelies.

John Lennon played lead guitar on three of these songs. Which is the odd one out?

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John didn't often play lead guitar, but did so on a handful of songs in the Sixties. Paul McCartney actually played more lead guitar on Beatles records than Lennon.

Which Lennon-McCartney original was performed by The Beatles for BBC radio, but never recorded for EMI?

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I'll Be On My Way was recorded on 4 April 1963 at the BBC Paris Studio in London. Later that month it was the b-side of Do You Want To Know A Secret, the debut single by Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas.

The Beatles played with Billy Preston in 1969. With which US musician was Preston performing when the band first met him?

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On 12 October 1962 Little Richard performed at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton, with Billy Preston playing organ. The Beatles were the main support act.

Which civil rights activist was namechecked by Ringo Starr on The Beatles' 1968 fan club recording?

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Well, it was a sort of mention. Ringo actually says: "Well, it's my proud pleasure tonight to introduce one of the most versatile performers in our career. And he's come all the way from Stokely Carmichael-on-Sea. And I hope you're going to like him. Let's give him a big hand…"

Which Beatle narrowly avoided the February 1967 drugs raid on Redlands, the home of the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards?

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George and Pattie Harrison left the party at around 8pm, just as 18 police officers were outside the grounds preparing to launch the raid.

In December 1974, where did John Lennon sign the papers to officially dissolve The Beatles' partnership?

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In the words of May Pang: "He finally picked up his pen and, in the unlikely backdrop of the Polynesian Village Hotel at Disney World, ended the greatest rock 'n' roll band in history by simply scrawling 'John Lennon' at the bottom of the page."

Under the pseudonym Rainbo, which US actress recorded a 1968 song titled John You Went Too Far This Time?

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A response to the Two Virgins album cover, Spacek's song contained the lines: "Now I gaze in awe before that picture/My mind retires to the place it was before you came/I love the things you showed me up 'til now, John/But since that picture, I don't think my love will be the same."

Which of these London addresses was never a home to Apple Corps?

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Monmouth Street was the address of NEMS's first London office, although in March 1964 Brian Epstein relocated the operation to 5-6 Argyll Street.

Beatles trivia quiz – hard!

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