Tickets for The Beatles at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall, 1 December 1963

Tickets for The Beatles at Leicester's De Montfort Hall, 1 December 1963

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  1. paul wheatcroft

    I queued all night, as a 12 year old at the event promoter, ‘Arthur Kimbrells’ house in ‘Rugby Rd’. Hinckley.
    Because of the big crowd outside his house, the police requested that the office to be opened early, (before the 9am deadline).
    Later on in the 60’s, Tom Jones slept at Arthur’s house.

    My dad drove me and my 10 year old brother to Demontfort Hall to see the show in his blue ‘ford escort’.

    We were lucky enough to get tickets on the front row of the stalls.

    The front of the stage was lined with policemen and police women, and we were about 6 feet from the stage.

    We young boys were surrounded by many hysterical screaming ladies.

    A night that has stayed in my memory

    Previously, in a ‘pop’ magazine in which the ‘Beatles’ were asked about their preferences, ‘Jellybabies’ were mentioned, and, consequently many of the fans at the concert acquired some of these ‘Jellybabies’ to launch them towards the stage.

    My young brothers ‘claim to fame’ was, that, as John and Paul, were singing in to the same microphone (left and right handed guitar players), he threw a ‘Jellybaby’ that hit John Lennon on the head, and both John and Paul laughed together and for a few moments stopped singing.

    10 years ago, my mother phoned me to say that the ‘Leicester Mercury’ was asking for memories of the night.

    I emailed my memories and when the paper was published there were 2 black and white photos of me and my brother on the front row of the stalls.

    Indeed, a night to remember and a part of our history as the 1st episode of ‘Dr Who’ was broadcast 8 days before , on 23rd November, and JFK was assassinated on 22nd November.

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