The Quarrymen and Dennis Littler, 1958

The Quarrymen and Dennis Littler, 1958

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  1. Joe Post author

    The fourth person in the picture is Dennis Littler, whose best friend was Ian Harris, the son of McCartney’s Aunt Jin. He was interviewed by the Daily Express in 1984:

    “When Paul, John and George started rehearsing their own group at Aunty Ginny’s they actually looked up to us…They even pleaded to join us. We turned them down flat-too young and too inexperienced. They were all still at school. We were slightly older, we had been going longer than them…they all wanted to take it in turn to borrow my guitar. John had paid 30 bob (£1.50) for his battered guitar. Mine had cost £19 on hire purchase, which in those days was a fortune. In three weeks, Paul was playing better than I could ever hope to. It didn’t make any difference to him that he was left-handed and my guitar was not. He could play anything. After a few spins of Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally record he could knock out the right chords on the piano and make it sound right…”

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