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20 May 2015
The Kaiserkeller
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Member Since:
8 October 2014
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 I don’t like ‘pimp’. In da muzic biz we say ‘promote’.

Book here, big deal. Working title – ‘Nothing yet’

There, I’m primped.

Anyway, just to waffle I will report on my online peregrinations, during research for my forthcoming fabulous tome.

Foist, this place, the best Bottles board online, so far. This despite being suspendered a couple or three times, etc.

However the ‘Beatles never existed’ crew are sumpin elset. I smurfed on in there and posited this, that, in response to their

wildeyed clone theories. I thought I made sensibobble, even reserved postage there – but whoa! – not only shut down, but the

post removed and a weird diatribe about my name -MadJack – suggesting I might be satan! Then I wander back in there, just now in fact, and there is a

permanent ban… the entire IP is banned. What are they doing in there? I don’t care, really, but I sure don’t like this nutty stuff growing on my internet… so

this incident has spurred me on in re: A real, decent, ‘honest’ Beatles book.


Gosh, is there something going on with the Beatles or something that I missed? What is all this tension hatching from?


Wartever, I wouldn’t write a Beatles book if it was going to hurt anyone… esp. the band itself, which, for all intents and porpoises – I still represent!




27 May 2015
The Kaiserkeller
Forum Posts: 54
Member Since:
8 October 2014
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 Write, write, write, but whoops,that’s only in my spare time. I’m supposed to be a musician and play and etc. and this writing thing is extra effort.

Playing, however, is no longer any fun, or profitable. Not even expenses. Same as writing is turning out to be – a waste of time.

What does not playing do to a lifetime player? Well, you still have to practice yknow, in fact you have to practice harder just to stay where you are.

This month things ran out and I have three days to survive. Then, I may, MAY, get my hands on a few bux. This is tense, just really nerve wracking, not

knowing whether or not I will be able to survive, or if my entire lousy life will be uprooted just boom! Out on the street.

 That pretty much destroys any creativity.

  How to get a pack of smokes, for ex? Extremely difficult. In this country there is no return on pop cans anymore, only beer and alcohol containers.

It is not friendly to street people, which I’m not, though I have been forced there a few times.

 So that puts me out wandering around…. looking for cig butts. And eating only 3 day old pizza from the freezer, crappy fastfood pizza.

Nice huh? This after… forty plus years of it. Or is it fifty? Closer to sixty?

Whoa starting to rain, gotta go.

27 May 2015
Inside an Apple Orchard in a Letterbox
Forum Posts: 4877
Member Since:
1 December 2009
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Damn, that’s depressing Mockswell. Hope things get better for you. 

That lack of a deposit on cans/bottles is extremely stupid, don’t know why they ever removed it. Just makes it easier for lazy people to litter everywhere. Especially those damn water bottles. 

GEORGE: In fact, The Detroit Sound. JOHN: In fact, yes. GEORGE: In fact, yeah. Tamla-Motown artists are our favorites. The Miracles. JOHN: We like Marvin Gaye. GEORGE: The Impressions PAUL & GEORGE: Mary Wells. GEORGE: The Exciters. RINGO: Chuck Jackson. JOHN: To name but eighty. 


28 May 2015
Forum Posts: 5268
Member Since:
31 March 2008
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One great thing about writing and making music is that you can essentially conjure up money from nowhere. It’s a great thing. You just have to hit that sweet spot of giving people something they value. Nowadays anyone can self-publish so the barrier to entry is low. All you need is an internet connection, as The Beatles once sang.

You’re so right about practising. I’m more of a writer than a musician but I dabble in both. I can get away with a day or so without writing or playing, but much longer than that and I may as well be wearing gloves for all the dexterity I have.

The following people thank Joe for this post:


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1 June 2015
The Kaiserkeller
Forum Posts: 54
Member Since:
8 October 2014
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 50,000 words now, should be almost enough. How’s this for a working title – Beatles – a Farce of Nature

Amazing non-response from various places. Great response from musicians/human beings who’ve eyeballed this lovely disaster.

This forum… I wander in here and can’t even find previous posts. My coffeeshop wifi is questionable at best, takes half and hour to navigate a few posts.


55 years and counting!

In case there’s people in here have no clue – in ‘show biz’…. there’s a couple or three of us ‘excluded’ types around, I seem to be

the only talky one, but talk I must. I wouldn’t, except the mopheds left all the evidence in plain sight, and also because I am bloody sick of being part of such a

gigantic, ongoing crime. The Beatles were in total opposition to this stuff, so would you be if ya could see it.


There’s nothing ‘bad’ to leaRn about the band, so how about some assistance here, fans.


Still playing, still writing, still excluded – still broke!


J. Number Whatever M.

5 June 2015
The Kaiserkeller
Forum Posts: 54
Member Since:
8 October 2014
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 Oh well yknow, it’s not any more ‘depressing’ than say, 1985.

Extremely tricky, this whole bit is, filling in the blanks that connected the band to the ‘mainframe’.

That’s the MKULtra program, military-connected to the max. The American ‘ultra’ types – us – and the Queen’s people I guess. The big shots, the money people, the so-called ‘illuminatti’ on both sides of the Atlantic.

A bunch of rubbish, most of it. All we were, me and Sylver, were ‘talent scouts’ …. a job that virtually does not exist any longer.

There was mania spreading across Europe, we went there 57-8ish and had a look. For the ‘company’ read CIA though that is an


 This stuff, this ranting about Tavistock and clones and the rest of it, is just wrong. It reads far worse than what actually happened.

Money, from books, is easy money – for bigshots. Getting published, if ‘they’ don’t like the story, is next to impossible.

Anyway, the four guys ‘washed their hands’ of this information, by inserting into the music and interviews.

The only way I can write this up is by placing the Beatles inside the larger picture, a picture that contains the space program, Sinatra, Monroe, Kennedy, MKUltra, Chaplin and dozens more big names that were extant when they arrived. They had their own ‘box’ to be sure, but they weren’t the be-all end-all.


I will send some of this along, to anyone in here who requests it, because yer fans. I’m still a fan too so I want to warsh me own hands of this oh-so-revealing rubbish about the Bottles, because I think it’s what they wanted.


Any musicians in here…. well, I wouldn’t even do this book, if things were still okay in the ‘music biz’ … but they are not okay.

Were I allowed a half-arsed living, I would probably be able to stay shaddap, but no cigar. Since 1999 I’ve been sitting on this, and nobody lives forever so the

hyell with it.

9 June 2015
The Kaiserkeller
Forum Posts: 54
Member Since:
8 October 2014
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Mind, anyone reading this – you do have to choose sides, unfortunately.

The program – still running – is similar to uhh the Jimmy Savile crew… just a different goal.

Savile and pals were about exploiting kids for their own twisted ends, this is about exploiting for money. Since the early 50s.

You will find it near impossible to break the ‘myth’ of any of it, because it is paid for already.

Beatles are the good guys, never fear, but the machine they were part of is not good.

YOU are part of that ‘machine’ like it or not.

The resistance is total. The stupid ‘Beatles Never Existed’ board is typical. Uptight, paranoid, banning people who walk in saying anything

doesn’t agree with their ideas.

My Beatle number was ten, actually lower, deal with it.

Jeezus, a child-exploitation machine is all it is, that’s it. Not putting up with it, sorry.

Still, anyone interested or unaware – watch the system protect itself. It’s done by ‘excluding’ or

simply ignoring anything doesn’t fit the program. One day at a time.

Very sure the Beatles wanted nothing to do with the whole thing, they were just set up, like myself, and can’t talk to this day.

Writing about this, one must constantly avoid veering off Beatle Ave. into the ditch where the real trash is laying about,

and that part is difficult. Would be just as easy to include mucho related stuff, people bashed in the head, poisoned, doped, MKUltra, nazis etc. All stuff that

went on near the Beatles, but which they were no part of, didn’t like and said so many times, yet even they are ignored in lieu of the money machine.

Crazy!!!! Actually nuts. Insanity the rule, as Brian said.

I’d like to just be a fan yknow, but this is intolerable, it is a still-running torture machine. NOT Beatle-based like I keep saying, but inextricably linked for all

time, and spewing off absolute rubbish in every direction.

Very easy to ‘exclude’ and everyone in here will continue to do just that I reckon, as programmed.

Names, addresses, amounts paid… nevermind that, for now.

That’s it. I only post here, on the whole worthless internet, and I expect nothing.


The real MocksWell is dead BTW.

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