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Beatles as Parenting Coaches!!!
12 January 2011 - 11.19pm

I have recently undertook a course at my University called, "Music Appreciation: The Beatles", before taking this class on I had always enjoyed the music of the Beatles, but I never really knew or understood the back story as to how and why the Beatles became the full fledged rock group that still lives today. Hunter Davies, being one of the premier authorities on the Beatles and their full lives undercover, was an excellent place to begin my trek into the band members' pasts, as well as the groups initial conception. After reading the first 7 chapters, they have already given the individual histories of John, Paul, and even George. Next they applied the context to which the individual members linked up together. This is where I drew severe reflection. I realized that from their own personal analyses on how they believed their parental skills... or lack their of...influenced the paths they took in life. Of course knowing that parents have an ultimate influence on the lives of their children was not the point of earth shattering insight... no... the part I pulled from was actually the analysis of the Group Members whom parents supported their creativity regardless of how counter to the norm their behaviors were. For example: John Lennon (raised by his Aunt Mimi) always felt supported by his mother Julia who had similar pursuits in life, and more importantly...never took anything too seriously. Paul also had similar support from his mother who let the boy's practice at her house when Paul's father wasn't home. Paul always says that without his mother's support he may have not been pushed to pursue his musical career. George Harrison had the support of his Father who was an amateur musician himself. This allowed George to be at a further level than all of his bandmates combined at a younger age. So, in conclusion, as the mother of a very ROUDY, UNRULY, YET AMAZINGLY INTELLIGENT 5 year-old... I guess its would be best just to support her. Because after all there is no point trying to change anyone. Kids will be kids!


2252 Posts
13 January 2011 - 2.25am

a-hard-days-night-ringo-7No Ringo? You should look his story up too, although it hasn't been covered like the other three, (partly due to personal preference) being raised by a single, loving, and supporting mom not doubt influenced his life.

Welcome to the forum. Study hard. a-hard-days-night-paul-5

Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time! So much to know!

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13 January 2011 - 4.05am

Shana, I'm so jealous you get to take a Beatles Appreciation class! Seems like an easy A to me! 🙂

I'd never tell anyone how to raise their child, seeing as the one I have is gray and furry, but when I was growing up, I really respected the parents who took the time to say why I couldn't do something, as opposed to "Because I said so." Looking back on it, my mom and dad responded to every fad I went through, playing guitar, soccer, hiking, but I was one of those kids (and still am) someone who is passionate about something for awhile. And then on to something else.

It's true a lot of your daughter's characteristics are innate, and there will be things she does that you see in yourself, but you can mold your child just to be a decent human being, as you see it. There's no parenting manual out there but I'm sure you are drawing the appropriate boundaries for how she behaves, because at 5, especially at 5 when they are so independent and sure of themselves, but still…only 5, they will need them.

Anyways, sorry for the aside. I used to teach little kids and saw every kind of parent, and it got me thinking about how I would be when I decide to have children that look a little more human. 🙂

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." — Dr. Seuss



Nowhere Land
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14 January 2011 - 8.09pm

StarWisher said:

Shana, I'm so jealous you get to take a Beatles Appreciation class! Seems like an easy A to me! 🙂

Hear hear!

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind that is confusing things.

The Walrus
Working for the national health
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14 January 2011 - 10.48pm

"Don't do what I have done".

And I neeeeeeeeed her all the time

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