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Are we witnessing the final generation of Beatles fans?
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10 August 2013
Royal Command Performance
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8 August 2013
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I think this is what elevates the Beatles above every other band going. They weren't just musicians they were poets! The way they had with words and the imagery used in the songs is just incredible. If schools are still using them in lessons 50 years later i think it's safe to say they still will be in another 50 years. I've passed my Beatles love onto my 2 nieces and nephew (they're 9, 7 and 4) and they probably will to their kids. I asked my niece today what are faviourite band is and she said the Beatles! She also likes one of the One Direction boys (forget who) but she doesn;t like their music. I asked her who she prefers, the 1d boy or Ringo and she replied "Mr Starr of course!". I have taught them well!

11 August 2013
Sitting in an English garden
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3 May 2012
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I think the superiority in songwriting that they had over other artists at the time is largely the cause of Beatlemania, to use the term. Although what they were writing in 1963 isn't comparable to what they were writing a few years later, they always pushed the boundaries - which set them apart from other groups that maybe could sing almost as well and make the girls go wild just as much. People underestimate their writing, and I have no idea why. Hopefully, if schools are using their lyrics, they will be at the front of people's conscience for some time yet. 

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24 December 2013

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1 May 2011
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Not sure where to put this. It's not for the video really but for the comments posted on its youtube page (warning: some of the language is of the adult 18+ variety).

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24 December 2013
Ed Sullivan Show
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19 April 2010
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We will see the last generation of Beatles fans when we see the last generation of Beethoven fans, Mozart fans, Shakespeare fans, etc.

When we see a last generation of Beatles fans it will only be because it is the last generation of people.

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Mr. Kite

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24 December 2013
Hershey via Boston
Candlestick Park
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29 November 2012
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robert said
We will see the last generation of Beatles fans when we see the last generation of Beethoven fans, Mozart fans, Shakespeare fans, etc.

When we see a last generation of Beatles fans it will only be because it is the last generation of people.

Exactly. All 4 of my kids (ages 9, 7, 4, and 2) love the Beatles and my oldest is already showing signs of obsessive fandom just like me. So no, definitely not the last generation of Fabs just have to raise your kids right, is all a-hard-days-night-john-1

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26 December 2013
Candlestick Park
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17 October 2013
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Before my son could walk I'd set him up in one of those bungee jump things you fit into a door frame. He'd have a bounce or two to the mixture of  music  playing. However, I noticed that when 'Yellow Submarine' came on a beaming smile lit up his face and his bouncing went ballistic. The more familiar he became with the song the more he enjoyed it. I put this down, with fatherly pride to an excellent taste in music………genetic of course. That was 14 years ago………….Now he's mastered most of their songs on guitar including a faithful rendition of 'Blackbird' So he's hooked.


These days I live in Thailand. A friend's 7 yr old Thai daughter has become transfixed by the Beatles. It began one morning on the way to school her father had played the Beatles '1' video in the car………The next day and everyday since she's asked for it. Yesterday I gave her the 'Yellow Submarine video' she couldn't wait to watch it……..So that was Christmas Day viewing sorted for one little Thai girl. 

Youngsters will 'catch' the Beatles forever. I'm certain. What a legacy!!


12 April 2014
In my life
Hollywood Bowl
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8 April 2014
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I myself am a 13 year old girl who has recently become obsessed with the Beatles. My parents used to like the Beatles when they were teens but they were not hardcore fans. They only had a few albums, so I never really grew up with the Beatles. I had listened to their albums once, I was not that impressed really, I was 11, I just remember liking "Please Mr. Postman."                                                                                                   2 months ago, I saw "She loves you" on tv, it immediately hit me that the Beatles were cool.a-hard-days-night-ringo-15So now I have this kind of obsession with them (parents are not always too happy) I'm not the only one in my school who likes the Beatles, I have 2 friends who also like them (although they're not as obsessive as I am)

I think that the Beatles will always be remembered, after all they were the greatest band ever to have existed!  If I'll ever get kids, I'll make sure they grow up with the Beatles a-hard-days-night-george-9You'll always have those "weirdo's" that actually have a good taste of music... They will be the ones that keep it going.

BEATLES FOREVER!!!!!!a-hard-days-night-john-6a-hard-days-night-paul-8a-hard-days-night-george-9a-hard-days-night-ringo-10

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13 April 2014
Anywhere, cause I'm free as a bird
London Palladium
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30 August 2013
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The Beatles thought they would die out themselves, they were wrong (Although this was before they changed their image from the mop tops, but still)

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Mr. Kite, Starr Shine?

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13 April 2014
Mr. Kite
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4 February 2014
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I was just talking about this earlier. The Beatles have made such a large impact that it's impossible. I know that when I have kids, they'll be hearing the Beatles, and if they enjoy them as much as we do (which they will) they will continue passing it down. The fact that the most recent generations, millennials born 10 to 30 years after the breakup and Z born 30 years on from the breakup still love them shows that!

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13 April 2014
Ron Nasty
Apple rooftop
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17 December 2012
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I always find such suggestions strange. To me, it's like asking whether Beethoven, Shakespeare, Michaelangelo, Dickens, etc, are on their final generation of fans. Some things, the best things, survive the passing of time. Them joking early on that "We'll be lucky if we last two or three years" is shown as flawed by us being here 50+ years on. The best survives, and is loved. The Beatles were the best. End of story.

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14 April 2014
Von Bontee
A Hole In The Road
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14 December 2009
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I like to imagine that even if (when?) the Beatles slip into relative obscurity another couple of generations down the road (like, after the boys themselves and all of their original first-generation fans have left us), there'll still be some weirdos out there who like old, obscure music enough to be obsessed with "the canon" and keep it alive in their own way.

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15 April 2014
Land of the Rising Sun
Carnegie Hall
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4 February 2014
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There's an attraction to The Beatles that reaches beyond just their music.  Every generation has felt it.  Many have admitted it.  Just as many have fully submitted to it.  I think it's because of this that they will continue to have an impact on anyone who is introduced to them.

Kids today reel when they hear music from the 60's and the 70's; they're impressed and some even complain about the state of music today compared to what their parents got to grow up with.  But it's when they witness these artists that they're impacted fully.  The larger-than-life Rock Gods.

As plentiful as they are, none have yet equaled The Beatles.  Maybe one day...

As George Martin once said, upon meeting them (and I paraphrase) he was immediately at ease around them, they made him feel... peaceful.

I don't know what it is, but that's exactly the sentiment I felt and others have expressed.  I think it's the reason for Beatlemania and the reason for their demise as a group.  Who could live with that?

Call it what you want; an alignment of the stars, a chemical mixture of the right proportions, the perfect blend of talent and charisma, whatever.  It cannot be limited by generations, it has no specific period of time.  When it happens, it becomes a fixture in social history and I believe these people and their legacy will live through the years ahead.

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Ahhh Girl

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Memphis, 1966

15 April 2014
Royal Command Performance
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18 March 2013
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I'm making sure to play Beatles music all the time around my children like my father did so they don't end up listening to the crap music of today or whatever happens to music in the future. But I don't think there will ever be a time when there's not at least SOME people listening to them in the far future. THEY RELEASED MORE RECORDS THAN BACH. That doesn't really mean anything but hopefully they last that long.


Oh, luckily the internet helps once again.

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My favourite song is 'Stairway to Heaven' by Motley Crue on their 1876 album 'Yellow Submarine'.

16 April 2014
A Beginning
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15 April 2014
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I'm 13 and I love the Beatles, as well as other rock n roll bands like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Beach Boys, etc. Some of my friends do too but not many. The music most people my age listen to is not, in my opinion, real music.

My dad put on the Beatles for my to hear since I was 1 year old, and all my early memories have Sergeant Pepper, Revolver, and Help songs in the background.  


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Ahhh Girl

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16 April 2014
Arrived Somewhere (But Not Here)
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31 October 2013
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Also 13. 

Same thing, I listen to Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Rush, The Who. Most people at my school don't though. They don't even listen to the more recent rock (Radiohead, Green Day, Nirvana, Wilco, Pearl Jam) that I listen too. 

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16 April 2014
Apple rooftop
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10 November 2010
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Short answer: No, we are not.


Personally, even though I admit that the Internet has certainly affected the way that people consume music, I tend to find claims that "the album is dying" to be a tad exaggerated.  I still think that it'll be quite some time before albums disappear completely.  Certain hardcore fans of a band will WANT deep cuts.  Some people (not even necessarily hardcore fans, even) prefer deep cuts to hits, myself often included.  And, furthermore, hardcore fans of a band (I don't necessarily mean The Beatles) will want something physical for the "collecting" aspect.  That's why many bands still produce vinyl alongside the CD release.  In fact, if you want to know the truth, as a twenty-two-year-old, I (almost) never download music, not even legally, unless...

1. The artist does not legally offer it, i.e. bootlegs.  It's better to not pay for music that isn't offered legally than to pay someone who played no role in it's creation.

2. There is no physical version of it released, which is rare, even these days.

3. The artist/label offers it for for free.

Now, since I got off on a tangent that's only semi-related (in fact, the more I read it back, the more off-topic it seems to me), I'll get back to actually commenting on the original post.  As far as the part about not knowing Beethoven by heart, Beethoven and The Beatles are entirely different musically.  To illustrate my point, here is the Allmusic profile of Beethoven.  Look at the average song lengths.  Beatles songs are much more bite-sized than that.  The reason that many people don't know Beethoven or [insert classical composer here] by heart is because most people don't have the attention span to listen to something so long and with such consistent instrumentation as that.

Also, I think statements such as "Albums will be quaint retro to them.  Most of their music will be digested digitally in the form of singles" somewhat overgeneralize and homogenize an entire generation.

Sorry, I've been writing too many essays lately.

Maybe I'm just too optimistic, though.

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I'm Necko.  I'm like Ringo except I wear necklaces.

I'm also ewe2 on weekends.

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