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Your top 10 Beatles songs
New Jersey, USA
198 Posts
23 July 2012 - 6.53pm

“I was special. I always have been. Why didn't anyone notice me?"
-John Lennon

No. 9
4 Posts
25 July 2012 - 5.45am

10) Goodnight (I especially love the piano take from Anthology 3)

9)  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End (I’m counting this as 1 song)

8)  Within You, Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows (Love album)

7)  Eleanor Rigby

6)  I Am The Walrus

5)  Hello, Goodbye

4)  All You Need Is Love

3)  She Loves You

2)  Ticket To Ride

1)  Help! (I especially love the live version on Anthology 2)

13 Posts
29 September 2012 - 9.35pm

10. I Am The Walrus - just endless invention, there is always new stuff you can find in it

9. Here, There And Everywhere - beautifully astounding, it is relaxing too

8. Across The Universe - like wonderful poetry, in every sense

7. Happiness Is A Warm Gun - switches on you at a great, exciting fast pace, its twists are brilliant and unexpected

6. Hey Jude - makes for a good time whenever you're in the mood for a long chant

5. Penny Lane - softer than I think its going to be, #9 on a larger scale

4. Something - a triumph for Harrison, speaks to the soul, and a love song on par with any bygone crooner

3. Within You Without You - best Sgt. Pepper has to offer, pretty much #4 on a larger and more universal scale

2. Come Together - eargasm, every time

1. Strawberry Fields Forever - haunting, deep and confused in its lyrics, yet majestic in its organization, it takes you into a weird abyss, this is a spellbinding piece of work

God Only Knows
262 Posts
30 September 2012 - 3.30am

Girl ~ The vocals as a whole do it for me.

Good Morning Good Morning ~ Brilliant instrumentation hidden under the horns.

Taxman ~ One of my favorite bass parts, but great instrumental as a whole. 

Tomorrow Never Knows ~ I had to let it grow on me, but it did. Listening to the tape loops isolated is interetsing

You Like Me Too Much ~ I suddenly started loving this song after listening to Help enough times.

Savoy Truffle ~ Probably my favorite on the White Album

Don't Bother Me ~ Once I heard it without vocals, I started to appreciate it a lot more. Take 5 is my absolute favorite.

Lovely Rita ~ This and Get Back have piano / keyboard solos that make the songs shine respectively. This one has a special place.

Hey Bulldog ~ Similar to Taxman. Great solo by George, considering the other two were Paul solos..

For my 10th, I can't decide between a bunch of Hard Day's Night B-sides, so I'll list that as a whole simply because it's just dandy.

I never thought I'd be much into their early music, but I never realized how under-appreciated it was.

Please don't wake me, no don't shake me, leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping~.

16 Posts
1 October 2012 - 12.12pm

How am I supposed to do this properly? I tried and no matter what, I can't settle on just 10 songs. 

"The marks humans leave are too often scars"

Over the Rainbow
117 Posts
2 October 2012 - 2.34am

Wow. What a hard question! But here goes nothing!

10. Glass Onion. I love the mysterious sound to it. It's an awesome listen.

9. Getting Better. It always lifts my spirits!

8. Revolution 9. I didn't like it at first but it's extremely fascinating.

7. All You Need Is Love. It makes me think of unity and truth; reconciliation with the people I love who may have done me wrong.

6. Girl. Love the emotion in John's voice.

5. Strawberry Fields Forever. It's endlessly fascinating and beautiful.

4. Something. Definitely a masterpiece.

3. For No One. I can relate to this song more than any of their other songs, I think.

2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown). I just really like it. Nothing specific sticks out to me.

1. Two Of Us. Hearing this song was like finding a missing puzzle piece in my life. That's all I can describe it as.


Note: This order is subject to change depending on my mood and what I'm listening to at the time!

You make your own dream.

68 Posts
2 October 2012 - 3.27am

Oh god... my top 10 Beatles songs seems impossible but I'll give it a shot.


My Top 10 (Today)

10) Revolution (The first song I ever played on guitar with a band for people, now every time I hear it my hands try to play the chords, plus its a great song)


9) You Can't Do That (Reeaallll personal connection to this one) 


8) Mother Natures Son (Better than Blackbird and Yesterday in my humble opinion :])


7) Can't Buy Me Love ( First Beatles song I ever recognized as being The Beatles)


6) Here Comes The Sun (Endlessly happy song)


5) You Never Give Me Your Money (Really all of the medley, but if I had to pick one...)


4) I Want You (I love this song, sooooo incredibly epic.  Yes, even the cutoff.) 

3) Hey Jude (Nothing like a car full of people singing their lungs out for the last 4 mins of a song.)


2) With A Little Help From My Friends (The most played song on my iTunes, and pretty much what keeps me going somedays) 


1) Dear Prudence (Hypnotizing and uplifting. Everyone played their best on this one (minus Ringo who would have) and it just gets me every time.  Especially the harmonies. Plus knowing that picking pattern was about as accomplished as I have ever felt as a guitarist)

The Toppermost of the Poppermost

8721 Posts
2 October 2012 - 7.34pm

1. Rain - Ringo's drums, Paul's bass, the slowed down guitar, the backwards lyrics...and Ringo's drums. 

2. 9- way tie for second, in order of release...

It Won’t Be Long (WTB) - I will ask for the 856,526,421st time...why was this song not a single? 

You Can’t Do That (AHDN) - It seems like John's writing skills improved tenfold on this album - this was my favorite from it.

Ticket To Ride (H!) - Awesome guitars, John's vocals w/Paul's high harmonies (stunning)...and Ringo's drums.

The Word (RS) - The opening piano bit, one of John's first "follow me" songs (can you hear me?).

Tomorrow Never Knows (R) - All of it...and Ringo's drums.

I Am The Walrus (MMT) - The Forum "long timers" have seen me post many times that my imagination, as a four year old, was captivated by a Walrus. In early 1968, just a few months after the Album's release, this song was my "Old MacDonald", "London Bridge", "Pop Goes The Weasel", etc... Not many other kids my age were singing "goo goo goo joob"!

While My Gutar Gently Weeps (TB)- At one time, my favorite Beatles song. George's vocals are so full of feeling. Clapton's lead is stellar (props to my brother who air guitars this song better than Clapton!).

Hey Bulldog (YS) - I love the rockers - this one rocks me every time. John/Paul's back and forth at the end with Paul's barking cracks me up.

Let It Be (LIB) - The only song I ever "air piano" to. I prefer the album cut vs. the single.

To the fountain of perpetual mirth, Let it roll for all its worth.

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mr. Sun king coming together
Nowhere Land
6429 Posts
5 October 2012 - 2.56pm

All of these ten really could be #1, but I'm not going to cop out like someone *cough*Zig*cough* did.
10) Michelle - Even though this is quite a popular song, this still strikes me as Paul's true masterpiece on Rubber Soul. Even though he did better (both in and out of the Beatles), this one still tugs at the heart strings whenever I hear it.
9) Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - even though this song is another popular pick, there's something quite peaceful and serene about it. Another one I just love.
8) You've Really Got A Hold On Me - the only cover on this list, John (with substantial help from George) create the best cover they ever did. Absolutely great.
7) Strawberry Fields Forever - It's a testament to the strength of the Beatles catalogue that this masterpiece is only #7. Ringo comes out in force, exceeding (to me) his excellent Rain drumming from 1966.
6) And I Love Her - that this song, one of only three McCartney offered at those sessions, is here is a testament, not to Paul, but to George. His guitar performance could be argued to be his best. I wouldn't object.
5) You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - even though I can't stand the flute, this song is awesome. There is a direct link from this to some of what I listen to in terms of new bands. And, it's been in my head for two weeks now, thanks to Mumford and Sons SNL cover.
4) You Can't Do That - John came out swinging - and created A Hard Days Night's best song. Fab.
3) Think For Yourself - even though this song never gets mentioned, George proved himself here in my eyes with this sarcastic little stinger. I love it.
2) Let It Be - the best final single I've ever heard. Still the highlight of the album.
1) While My Guitar Gently Weeps - this song is proof that George was capable of writing as good of songs as John or Paul. And that piano - if nothing else, bringing Clapton in made Paul get his act together.

As if it matters how a man falls down.'

'When the fall's all that's left, it matters a great deal.

The Toppermost of the Poppermost

8721 Posts
5 October 2012 - 4.07pm

mr. Sun king coming together said
All of these ten really could be #1, but I'm not going to cop out like someone *cough*Zig*cough* did.

Yikes! blue-meanie You ought to do something about that cough.

Actually, I had a very tough time narrowing down the list to only 10. A real cop out would have been listing the first 10 songs they released, then updating that list the next day with the next 10 songs and... Oh, wait... I already did that a while back. What was my point again?   

To the fountain of perpetual mirth, Let it roll for all its worth.

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Over the Rainbow
117 Posts
5 October 2012 - 11.13pm

a-hard-days-night-ringo-8 that there is no way to narrow down a list of just ten Beatles songs! I have thought back on my list and thought "why didn't I include (insert song here)?" I posted my list earlier but it's definitely subject to change completely!

You make your own dream.

Beatles in the Blood
Nowhere Land
384 Posts
13 January 2013 - 2.29am

10. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

9. Blackbird

8. She Loves You

7. Revolution

6. Something

5. Two of Us

4.  In My Life

3. Get Back

2. Come Together

1. Eleanor Rigby

The Incedibly True Story THat Never Ends. By Sam.

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The Netherlands
2705 Posts
16 January 2013 - 9.48pm

Geez this is hard.

1. Strawberry Fields Forever (Favourite song. Period.)

2. Something (masterpiece)

3. Octopus's Garden (happy and uplifting and I like the instruments and effects)

In no specific order:

4. Dear Prudence (amazing song)

5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George's voice, Clapton's guitars, Pauls bass and Ringo's drums. Damn)

6. In My Life (love the lyrics and the simple beat)

7. Ticket To Ride (energetic and great)

8. Across The Universe (beautiful)

9. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/the End (IMO 1 song.)

10. Because (the vocals give me chills)


It changes a lot though, but right now it's those 10. I wanted to submit the medley too, but I don't really count that all those songs as 1, and seperated they're not very strong tbh, except for You Never Give Me Your Money.

Funny Paper
2080 Posts
16 January 2013 - 10.59pm

Interesting.  I could have sworn on a stack of Korans that I posted my list here in this topic just in the last couple of days.  Now I see there is no post here by me at all. That, and losing an entire topic I created a few days ago.  Rather discomfitting, not knowing whether any given post is going to remain...


Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

Fool in a field of Strawberries
25 Posts
17 January 2013 - 9.47pm

I'm attempting to write a list of all of my favorites from each album, after which I am going to try to narrow it down to ten. The fact that 11 songs came off of the Rubber Soul album has me a bit worried...

Fool in a field of Strawberries
25 Posts
17 January 2013 - 10.34pm

I (kinda) figured it out. I know that I'll probably look at the list tomorrow (or even later today) and question what I was thinking, but I think I have my top 10 favorites worked out.

In no particular order (because if I try to put them in a specific order, I might start crying for all I know):

Norwegian Wood

P.S. I Love You

Do You Want To Know A Secret

And I Love Her

This Boy

Octopus's Garden

Yes It Is

Things We Said Today

Eight Days A Week

Long, Long, Long

13 Posts
22 January 2013 - 4.03am

10. Here, There And Everywhere -- one of Paul's best, most soothing melodies, beautiful

9. Within You Without You -- best track on Sgt. Pepper, a masterful orchestration and layering of unique eastern rhythms

8. Norwegian Wood -- maybe John's most soulful pre-activist song, straight from heart with a real story, better than "In My Life"

7. Across The Universe -- though perhaps overplayed, this beautiful poem is so filled with complex lyrics and spiritually embodies grace that it is impossible to not have on this list

6. Something -- just a classic love song, maybe still the best ever written like Sinatra claimed; George was all about the soul

5. Penny Lane -- the psychedelic Beatles period at its height, the little sounds sprinkled throughout are pure magic

4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps -- possibly the major statement of George's career, an epic poem full of feeling and despair

3. Eleanor Rigby -- for good reason, one of the most beloved in the Beatles canon, because it was so revolutionary in its idea of what pop music could be, and it still holds up in its inventiveness and beautiful lyric

2. Come Together -- nothing particularly moving about this, just probably the most awesome of their songs, the deep bluesy melody is borderline orgasmic

1. Strawberry Fields Forever -- no other of their songs is so fully formed in its individuality, its instrumental genius combined with an established moody lyric...an outstanding achievement in the history of music

Maine, USA
5 Posts
22 January 2013 - 9.14pm

1. Girl

2. Martha My Dear

3. You Like Me Too Much

4. Not A Second Time

5. Long, Long, Long

6. Hold Me Tight

7. She Said She Said

8. Baby, You're A Rich Man

9. Every Little Thing

10. Only A Northern Song

*My favorites change from time to time, but my top three favorites will most likely always be the same.*

Maxwell Edison MD
450 Posts
14 August 2013 - 8.47pm

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”  John Lennon “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.” The Tenth Doctor, The Lazarus Experiment.

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