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What Beatles song are you?
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16 June 2012
Sitting in an English garden
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3 May 2012
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TheTaxmansGirl said
Don't Pass Me By.

I guess it's because I'm too much in love with The Beatles. there's lots of Beatles fans in my school, but no one quite as obsessed as I am. So people tend to overlook and ignore me, except for a few loyal friends paul-mccartney

Me too! Most people ignore me as well and look down at my Beatles t-shirts while I look down at their Justin Bieber tee's. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Unfortunately I go to a spanish school and it seems that the spanish have not really 'discovered' The Beatles yet so not many people know who they are, including my friends, who think that they're a little-known band from a little-known town in the middle of the countryside,that I am obsessed with(the band not the town), one day I will show them how wrong they are!

As I'm going a little bit off the topic, what Beatles song am I?

Probably Eleanor Rigby, a bit of a sad one, I know but for that very reason I think it's the only one that could sum me up.

Oh! and also I'm Only Sleeping because I love my bed (almost) as much as I love The Beatles.

Moving along in our God given ways, safety is sat by the fire/Sanctuary from these feverish smiles, left with a mark on the door.

(Passover - I. Curtis)

16 June 2012
Long John Silver
Paris Olympia
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Member Since:
9 May 2012
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I'm Only Sleeping I think, yup... lazy one.

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.

20 June 2012
Abbey Road
Forum Posts: 99
Member Since:
10 April 2011
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Well, I have a lot of different Beatles song moments...

I think I'd be a mix between I'm A Loser, The Fool On The Hill, Getting Better, Good Day Sunshine, I'll Follow The Sun, I'm Only Sleeping, or Eleanor Rigby. And also, I think I could be the subject of Dear Prudence at times. I'm awkward, lonely, happy, lazy... It really depends... Very clever idea for a thread though a-hard-days-night-george-8

"Hoop? That isn't a hoop, It's a lethal weapon, have you got a license for it?" -Ringo
(By the way, just call me Jojo)

20 June 2012
Little Piggy Dragonguy
Nowhere Land
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Member Since:
5 November 2011
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I'm Martha My Dear and All Together Now; I love my dog more than anything else in the world, and I am excited.

All living things must abide by the laws of the shape they inhabit 

23 July 2012
New Jersey, USA
London Palladium
Forum Posts: 198
Member Since:
23 July 2012
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I'm Only Sleeping. I'm unbelievably lazy and I know it.
When I was little, I was probably Good Morning Good Morning.
How people change. a-hard-days-night-george-10a-hard-days-night-ringo-4

“I was special. I always have been. Why didn't anyone notice me?"
-John Lennon

23 July 2012
Turned left at Greenland
Royal Command Performance
Forum Posts: 238
Member Since:
14 February 2012
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I'm an "All You Need Is Love" type of gal mixed with "And Your Bird Can Sing". Everyone who knows me describes me as a contemporary flower child or just a plain ol' hippie: my art teacher regularly refers to me as his "favorite hippie child"--even wrote it as the name in my yearbook haha. I'm really big into the peace movement, and the only way to attain peace is to spread the love. I chose "And Your Bird Can Sing" because I feel as if no one takes me seriously when I try to spread the message. This is mostly because I live in a military town where the whole "Support your troops!" thing is shoved down the community's throat. And--hey--when the local government is telling you to essentially support the act of war (it is, after all, what hands over half of our families their paychecks), why should you listen to that silly little flower child? She's too young to know the ways of the world. *Correction*: she's young enough to still be able to see what's wrong with the world.

...which leads me to wondering if we're allowed to use a solo song to describe ourselves? Because, if so, I'm "Imagine" all the way!

*I suppose I should explain that I have nothing against soldiers as people: some of my family's best friends are in the military. I can't stand the actual act of anything fueled by violence. I just hate living in a town where "Support your troops!" is plastered everywhere. Because then people like me are automatic outcasts just because we don't support violence--and therefore, we must not support our troops! (Sorry about my mini rant there...)*

"I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know? I'm just one of those people."

24 July 2012
Sydney, Australia
Casbah Coffee Club
Forum Posts: 18
Member Since:
22 July 2012
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If I'm being honest, I would have to choose 'I'm A Loser', 'Help!' and 'Eleanor Rigby' because I have social anxiety. No, I'm not antisocial, although I might come across that way in real life. I just wish that I could be more comfortable around people but I'm so shy.

29 July 2012
I Me Mine
Under the sea, in a Yellow Submarine
London Palladium
Forum Posts: 175
Member Since:
15 June 2011
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I would probably say We Can Work ItOut, although sometimes I really am I'm Only Sleeping...

Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble.

31 July 2012
Inside an Apple Orchard in a Letterbox
Forum Posts: 2924
Member Since:
1 December 2009
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"Across The Universe", nothing's gonna change my world!

I remember George saying 'Blimey, he's always talking about “Yesterday”, you'd think he was Beethoven or somebody' - Paul McCartney

13 August 2012
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 3
Member Since:
13 August 2012
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Nowhere Man, ever since I first heard it I related to it. Full of nowhere plans for nobody a-hard-days-night-john-3

13 August 2012

Forum Posts: 20353
Member Since:
1 May 2011
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Either I'm A Loser or Strawberry Fields (no one i think is in my tree, i mean it must be high or low etc and all that John meant in the song).

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of 'self' to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

14 August 2012
Rockin' in two by two
Ed Sullivan Show
Forum Posts: 497
Member Since:
13 November 2010
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There are a few for me. If we're talking about lyrics, one is Good Day Sunshine because I am a relentless optimist. Hello, Goodbye for the same reason I guess.

But if we're talking about the music, And Your Bird Can Sing because it's very energetic and exciting and that is always what I am looking for in life.

Another right now is I'm So Tired because... well you can guess.

The sunshine bores the daylights outta me

15 August 2012
Into the Sky with Diamonds
New York
Candlestick Park
Forum Posts: 1678
Member Since:
9 August 2011
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"With A Little Help From My Friends"  'coz without friends ....

"Into the Sky with Diamonds" (the Beatles and the Race to the Moon – a history)

15 August 2012
Elmore James
The Jacaranda
Forum Posts: 34
Member Since:
8 February 2012
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Answer: I Am The Walrus.

Why: Goo-Goo-Ga-Joob!two-virgins

15 August 2012
Carnegie Hall
Forum Posts: 511
Member Since:
16 February 2011
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a-hard-days-night-paul-10 Dunno. Run For Your Life, the boy, girl and the title. Or You Won't See Me, definitely. " I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing" so me

18 August 2012
Miles above you
Carnegie Hall
Forum Posts: 522
Member Since:
23 January 2011
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At this moment, "I'm So Tired." I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of cramming. ahdn_paul_01

"You can manicure a cat but can you caticure a man?"

John Lennon- Skywriting by Word of Mouth

13 January 2013
Beatles in the Blood
Nowhere Land
Paris Olympia
Forum Posts: 384
Member Since:
12 January 2013
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I'm I Want To Tell You... I'd have to explain my life story not gonna do that.

The Incedibly True Story THat Never Ends. By Sam.

Best Friend: WHat are you listening to

Me: The Beatles

Best Friend: Go Figure

13 January 2013
Funny Paper
Candlestick Park
Forum Posts: 2080
Member Since:
1 November 2012
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"I Will"


Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

13 January 2013
Hollywood Bowl
Forum Posts: 683
Member Since:
27 December 2012
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This is a toughie but I'll have to go with Happiness is A Warm Gum whenever I am not studying, Help! when I am studying and Helter Skelter during the exams lol.

13 January 2013
Hunting Ghosts
Forum Posts: 92
Member Since:
14 December 2012
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Strawberry Fields: "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see". I see things differently from others, but it makes it easier because I only see what I WANT to see. In some ways, I'm still a kid, and naïve. 

"It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me" I don't know who I am anymore, but when I'm around people I care anything for, it makes it okay.

"No one, I think, is in my tree. I mean, it must be high or low". I'm shy and self-doubting. I'm different from everyone around me. I feel I'm either on a higher or lower level than people I meet. Perhaps we have some interests in common, but they're not in the same situation I'm in.

"That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right. That is I think it's not too bad" Even though others are not where I am, it doesn't matter. I just enjoy the company.

"Always, no sometimes, think it's me" I blame myself for a lot of bad things that happen, even if I wasn't involved.

"Forever..." I'm always going to be this way, which brings me to "No one else can make you change" from 'Within You Without You'. I stand true in my convictions, and stand by what I believe is true. While I am fragile emotionally, I am strong mentally.


"I'd tell her I love her, but she'd only reject me in the end and I'd be frustrated. That's why I play guitar; it's my active compensatory factor" -Ringo said something like this once, I changed it up a bit.

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