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Non Lyrics
14 Posts
1 May 2010 - 8.14am

Is there a resource that gives information about all the things said on beatle albums that aren't lyrics?   Here are a few examples of what I mean:


1)  The chatter before black bird (monsieur, monsieur...)

2)  The first phrase spoken in "All too much" (To your mother? as speculated in an article here)

3)  What is going on at the 2 minute mark of I Am The Walrus, right after koo koo kachoo?

4)  What are john and paul saying at the end of Bull Dog?  (...Don't Look At Me I allready have grandchildren...?)

5)  Is John really saying Shoot Me at the beginning of Come Togethor?  How do we know?  Did he ever explain?

6)  What is said at 1:07 right before "Go Johnny Go" in the song For You Blue?  If anything (might be just an instrument)


I'd be interested in quotes from the beatles as well as best guesses.  Also can you guys come up with more of these?blue-meanie


Thanks Guys!

A Place
253 Posts
1 May 2010 - 1.10pm
  1. The chatter before Blackbird is the end of I'm So Tired. John says something like "Monsieur, monsieur, can I have another?" then some gibberish.
  2. No idea, sorry.
  3. A radio was mixed into the recording live. No idea what it is though.
  4. The improv at the end of Hey Bulldog goes something like:
    Hey man. What's that boy?

    Woof! Whaddaya say?

    I say "Woof!" D'you know any more?

    Rrrrrowerra! Aaaaaaaaaa hah hah!

    You got it! That's it!


    That's it! That's it man! Wooh! That's it! You got it!

    A hah a hah a hah!

    Don't Look At Me man, I only have ten children.


    A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Quiet boy! Quiet!



  5. John is saying "Shoot me". You can hear the "shoot" clearly, but the "me" is harder to hear. Written lyrics usually say it's "shoot me" including The Beatles: Rock Band. You can hear the "me" a bit better on the Anthology version. I always found that line kind of spooky. Perhaps Chapman heard the song and took John's advice literally.
  6. George's improv in For You Blue is "Bop. Bop, cat bop. Go, Johnny, Go. There go the 12 bar blues. Elmore James' got nothin' on this baby!" and at the end he says "Rhythm and blues".
  7. I'm not sure about a source that gives all that kind of info but you can find individual bits by Googling them. This site will have a lot of that info too.

2252 Posts
1 May 2010 - 3.33pm

Here is a good site for Beatles anomalies: What Goes On.

Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time! So much to know!

14 Posts
1 May 2010 - 10.11pm

Thanks McLerristarr, good stuff.


The part of I Am The Walrus that I refered to is not part of the Shakespeare stuff at the end.  It is a very weird transition much earlier in the song with some spoken words.  It is possible that it is the Shakespeare radio play coming through but I don't think so. 


Skye, Thanks I'm going to check out that link now.

A Place
253 Posts
2 May 2010 - 4.57am

I know which part of I Am The Walrus you meant. I think it's radio. Possibly changing between channels quickly. I could be wrong though.

Rapture, Atlantic Ocean
1054 Posts
2 May 2010 - 11.47pm

Radio? I heard it was part of a Bond movie.

"The best band? The Beatles. The most overrated band? The Beatles."

Find me in my field of grass
397 Posts
3 May 2010 - 3.58am

MrBig said:

Radio? I heard it was part of a Bond movie.

I could be wrong, but I believe they're Shakepeare's King Lear quotes.
Maybe Joe can confirm? 

Tongue, lose thy light. Moon, take thy flight… see ya, George!

2252 Posts
3 May 2010 - 4.20am

From The Beatles Anomalies site I linked earlier:



Various talking reported, this is the very beginning of the recognisable

Shakespeare "King Lear" excerpts (see 3:54)

Ugo Coppola has been doing his research, so I'll hand over to him

Michael K. picks up the next lines

"Good pity" is the tiny fragment before "Expert Texpert".

In the above, [sections marked like this are inaudible] due to

editing. However, on the foreign language anomaly side…

Bo Sybrandt Hansen writes

Shakespeare writing crystal clear Danish. Whatever next! Any better


I checked Act IV, Scene 6 against the Beatles' recording. It

matched perfectly, of course. So now I can positively say that

Gloucester says "Now, good sir, wh[at are you?]" and Edgar answers : "[A

most] poor man, made tame by fortune['s blows]".

Both sentences are also written on page 269 (September 26, 1967) of

Lewisohn's Beatles Chronicle, where he explains how the whole thing got

into the mix.


[Who, by the art of known and feeling sorrows, Am pregnant to]

good pity..[Give me your hand, I'll lead you to some biding]


Around 2:27 there are some words spoken by a male voice. These

words sound like someone in crystal clear Danish language with correct

phrasing, intonation and everything is saying

"Udmaerket, men kan vi ikke tage den lidt hurtigere?"

Translated into English it would be something like

"Quite good, but couldn't we do it a little faster?" or "Alright, but

couldn't we try it a little quicker?"

This is where the the words occur:

If the sun don't come you get a tan

from standing in the English rain

I am the eggman

(Spoken, male voice: [?] sir )

They are the eggmen

Spoken, male voice: Udmaerket, men kan vi ikke

tage den lidt hurtigere?

I Am The Walrus

Goo goo g' joob

No matter how much I listen I can make nothing else of the words. Do

you have any suggestions?


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Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time! So much to know!

A Place
253 Posts
3 May 2010 - 12.09pm

MrBig said:

Radio? I heard it was part of a Bond movie.


There's a "James Bond" intro to Help! on the American soundtrack version. Other than that, I've never heard of any exerts of Bond films in The Beatles' music.

4518 Posts
5 May 2010 - 3.12pm

It is King Lear, from a BBC radio version broadcast in 1967. Here's a transcript of the first passage (from my I Am The Walrus article), showing how the feed was introduced during one of the choruses (Lennon's lines are mixed with Shakespeare's):

Lennon: I am the eggman

Gloucester: Now, good sir, what are you?

Lennon: They are the eggmen

Edgar: A most poor man, made tame to fortune's blows

Lennon: I Am The Walrus

The second bit, towards the end of the song, is a longer passage from the same play.

Oswald: Slave, thou hast slain me. Villain, take my purse.

If ever thou wilt thrive, bury my body;

And give the letters which thou find'st about me

To Edmund Earl of Gloucester; seek him out

Upon the English party: O! untimely death. [Dies.]

Edgar: I know thee well: a serviceable villain;

As duteous to the vices of thy mistress

As badness would desire.

Gloucester: What! is he dead?

Edgar: Sit you down, father; rest you.

The radio feed is the reason why the song reverts to mono from just before the 'sitting in an English garden' line - the feed was introduced at a stage during the recording that meant they couldn't separate the channels and create a full stereo mix (I hope that's correct).

'Shoot me' is supposed to have had its origins in a Let It Be-period song called Watching Rainbows (at the two-minute point):

The lyrics on the screen say 'shoot big', but I've no idea what it actually is. On Come Together it's definitely 'shoot me' - some have said it's a reference to injecting heroin, but I don't think J&Y did more than smoke it.

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4518 Posts
5 May 2010 - 3.19pm

Sorry - on 3) I realise now you meant a different part of the song. I don't know precisely what's being said, but it's just random noise caused by playing with the tuning dial on a radio.

Please don't spoil my day; I'm miles away

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