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Blasphemy! Revising or "Correcting" Beatles songs in my mind...
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27 November 2013 - 7.29am

I may try to record some examples of what I'm talking about, because I think it would be too subtle and complicated to describe in typed out words (and I can't write music well enough to communicate it that way, either).

For now, just one example I will allude to:  "I Need You".  When I was listening to this song many times this past spring, I began to develop ways of singing along to it that added to it.  Also, at other times when the song wasn't playing but just remembering it in my mind, I would continue to flesh out these "additions".

I'll take a stab at describing a couple of things I do with that song, I'll add my vocal additions in bold (with caps denoting accented sounds): 

"You don't realize how much I need you--buh-buh-buh buh BUH buh..."

These "buh-buhs" at other times in similar spots can be changed to:


After these are done a few times at the appropriate places, when I do them the last time I increase the number and placement of them so that the rhythm of them starts to sound like I am trying to change the time from 4/4 to something else (5/4 or 7/4) in tension with the ongoing 4/4.

In addition to these vocalisms, I also want to hear some kind of percussive addition -- either snare drums or fast rhythm guitar doing a fast strumming patter of 8th beats, at about the same place as my "buh-buhs" above -- either replacing them once or twice, or sounding at the same time.


Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

Funny Paper
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27 November 2013 - 7.33am

I just remembered another thing I do with "I Need You".  I actually add some melodic curlicues, like after "I need you" is sung, there's this thing I sing that bridges the "you" with that reverb guitar -- but I'm afraid I'll have to wait until I record myself humming over the song in the near future, which I will post.

Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

Inside an Apple Orchard in a Letterbox
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28 November 2013 - 12.16am

This song has never been a favourite of mine, so I applaud your efforts so spice it up a little. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your description properly, but weirdly enough I'm imagining a touch of Brazilian samba accents, or maybe it's bossa nova (I'm not sure what the difference is.)

I remember George saying 'Blimey, he's always talking about “Yesterday”, you'd think he was Beethoven or somebody' - Paul McCartney

Funny Paper
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28 November 2013 - 8.01am


Well, if you already dare to say a Beatles song is flawed, then you won't mind my blasphemy!  I actually like this song a lot, but for some reason I just "hear" certain things and I find myself having to do them when I sing along.  I never thought of Brazilian samba, but that might be an apt comparison.  In fact, it might be a good way to cover the song -- do it up as a Tom Jobim song...

Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

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9 December 2013 - 12.31am

"Misery" sounds much better played at half-speed.

Ahhh Girl
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31 December 2013 - 2.42pm

Can an addition to a song be included in this thread?

I keep wanting to add "Caressing my face with her eyes" to Here, There, and Everywhere.

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