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Beatles chords
Rat Salad
Washington DC USA
37 Posts
1 February 2012 - 5.49am

Note by Ahhh Girl 31 May 2015: To discuss this topic please go to http://www.beatlesbible.com/fo.....structure/ .

Picked up guitar after 20 years. Played along with Beatles using online chords. Break myself in.

First thing I noticed was odd chords. Not weird chords, but chords I didn't expect given the melody. Of course, my surprise should have been, and is, how they stuck that melody on those chords. Many of the chords, just played out, don't suggest the melodies they came up with, at least, not to me; but more to the point, I could not have imagined those melodies even fitting, but they do and very nicely. 

Somewhere, in every song, and I attribute it to Paul, is a surprising but very pleasing bit of tension against the chord. The note's in key, of course, but it's nowhere you'd look for it. But when he gives it to you, you say, "Ah, sure!"

Into the Sky with Diamonds
New York
1610 Posts
2 February 2012 - 1.01am

What would be some examples?

"Into the Sky with Diamonds" (the Beatles and the Race to the Moon – a history)

Rockin' in two by two
497 Posts
2 February 2012 - 2.35am

You're right, sometimes the chords are surprising, like in Michele, for example. That's what I love about their music; it wasn't always the generic four-chord tune. They had a pretty solid spectrum of chords. But yeah, tell us what songs you were playing, or what you were surprised at.

The sunshine bores the daylights outta me

Rain? I don't mind
1327 Posts
5 February 2012 - 11.47pm

Er, not sure what you mean really, the melody will dictate what chords will be used, or vice versa. There are numerous examples where they go outside of the key and take the melody in a completely different direction…the drop from D to D minor to get to the bridge of Norwegian Wood always kind of shocks me because it just sounds so easy but it's that change that completely makes that song. Paulsbass mentioned a great one in Here, There And Everywhere.

It's a good idea to get a chord book of the Beatles, I'd recommend this one because you'll learn an awful lot of new chords, particularly some cool jazz chords, and you'll also get to see all of their tricks and stuff like that. Paul McCartney enjoys a nice descending chromatic line.

I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine

415 Posts
6 February 2012 - 2.13am

The minor 5 chord that begins the middle eight in I Want To Hold Your Hand - "and when I touch you I feel happy . . ."

in it's day - nothing short of amazing. Nowadays it's so common no one notices.

"She looks more like him than I do."

27 Posts
3 June 2012 - 11.38am

Eyy, greetings from Spain!!

This is my first post on this forum, and my english is terrible, sorry. But i need communicate my feelings with others Beatles fans,

and there is not spanish forum of The Beatles 🙁

Now,Writting by this post, what about "If I Fell" song ? I don,t know much music teoric, but i think this song have a rare progression,

specially at the beginning.


Pd. One more time, sorry for my terrible english!!

Another One
152 Posts
3 June 2012 - 11.56am

Hi , welcome ,

I'm from Iran , I think your English is very better of mine.

Introduce yourself to the forum!

...They've forgotten all about God

He's the only reason we exist...

27 Posts
3 June 2012 - 12.04pm

Thanks, Another one for your link, i will just now introduce.

Google translator helped me... xd

27 Posts
1 August 2012 - 3.52pm

I don't know where to write this post, so i'll write here.

Beatles partitures


Into the Sky with Diamonds
New York
1610 Posts
4 August 2012 - 1.08am

That looks like it comes from "The Complete Scores" of the Beatles (Hal-Leonard), no?

"Into the Sky with Diamonds" (the Beatles and the Race to the Moon – a history)

3 Posts
15 January 2013 - 9.44pm

A great book to check out if you'd like to know about the chords the Beatles used in their writing. 

The Song Writing Secrets of The Beatles by Dominic Pedler

Hunting Ghosts
92 Posts
16 January 2013 - 10.59pm

I've noticed that, too. Some songs I write are odd like that, too. I'll upload them when I get a mic that didn't come with my mac.

Note by Ahhh Girl 31 May 2015: To discuss this topic please go to http://www.beatlesbible.com/fo.....structure/ .

"I'd tell her I love her, but she'd only reject me in the end and I'd be frustrated. That's why I play guitar; it's my active compensatory factor" -Ringo said something like this once, I changed it up a bit.

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