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Lennon-McCartney relationship from Chinese astrology standpoint
22 April 2017
A Beginning
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22 April 2017
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Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership happened because John Lennon and Paul McCartney had matching elements that could be beneficial for one another. 

First, look at John Lennon ‘s Chinese astrological chart. 

John Lennon ‘s chart:

Birth hour: 18.30 PM (yin wood rooster) 

Birth date: 9 (yin wood rooster)

Birth month: October (yang fire dog)

Birth year: 1940 (yang metal dragon) 

Zodiac sign: Dragon

From John Lennon ‘s birth chart we all could see that John Lennon had weak yin wood element and strong yang metal element, life-threatening element combination.


Next, look at Paul McCartney ‘s Chinese astrological chart.

Paul McCartney ‘s chart:

Birth hour: 14.00 PM (yin fire goat)

Birth date: 18 (yang water tiger)

Birth month: June (yang fire horse)

Birth year: 1942 (yang water horse) 

Zodiac sign: Horse

From Paul McCartney ‘s birth chart we all could see that Paul McCartney has strong yang water element and strong yin fire element, his element combination is pretty much like boiling water. 


Already at the first place we can see why they initially liked each other. John Lennon ‘s element chart was too cold, he lacked fire element, lacked water element, his yin wood element was weak, and his yang metal element was too strong. John Lennon needed a person with warming element to help him sustained himself. Paul McCartney ‘s element chart is too hot, he has too excessive fire element which made his yang water element very hot, to the boiling point. Paul McCartney felt good in the presence of someone with cooling element in order to chill down himself. 

John Lennon ‘s strong yang metal element was useful for Paul McCartney to reduce his excessive fire element, Paul McCartney in turn could make use of his strong yin fire element to melt down John Lennon ‘s excessive metal element. Paul McCartney also could make use of his strong yang water element to nurture John Lennon ‘s weak yin wood element. This was perfect element combination. 


Lucky 10 year cycle

And then, there was also zodiac match between John Lennon and Paul McCartney , especially throughout the Beatles earlier years.

John Lennon ‘s dog was harmonizing with Paul Mccartney’s double horse and tiger. Just look at John Lennon ‘s Chinese astrological chart and Paul McCartney ‘s Chinese astrological chart writen previously to understand this explanation.

Then, Paul McCartney was going through monkey luck cycle from the age of 17 to the age of 26 which made him attracted to John Lennon ‘s dragon year (John Lennon was born in the year of 1940, 1940 was dragon year). As for the clearer explanation, look at Paul McCartney ‘s luck cycles below.

Paul McCartney ‘s luck cycles:

Age of 7 to 16: sheep luck cycle

Age of 17 to 26: monkey luck cycle

Age of 27 to 36: rooster luck cycle

Age of 37 to 46: dog luck cycle

Age of 47 to 56: pig luck cycle

Age of 57 to 66: ox luck cycle

On the other hand, John Lennon was going through rat luck cycle which went so well with Paul McCartney ‘s monkey luck cycle. As for the clearer explanation, look at John Lennon ‘s luck cycles below.

John Lennon ‘s luck cycle:

Age of 10 to 19: pig luck cycle

Age of 20 to 29: rat luck cycle

Age of 30 to 39: ox luck circle

In general the three, dragon, rat, and monkey are very fond of each other. Because of John Lennon ‘s dragon year (1940) and rat luck cycle (from the age of 20 to 29) could harmonize very well with Paul McCartney ‘s monkey luck cycle (from the age of 17 to 26), they had harmonious relationship with one another which was happened between John and Paul during those early Beatles years. John’s rat luck cycle and Paul’s monkey luck cycle supported one another which made John and Paul’s relationship was particularly solid during early Beatles years. As the result of the harmonious Lennon-McCartney relationship, The Beatles finally reached its tremendous success.

Then, what went wrong with their relationship? Why their relationship declined? Considering they had such good element combination with one another. Here’s the explanation:


Then she comes, a wood to climb on

John Lennon was a person with weak yin wood element, so he would naturally attracted to people with strong wood element. 

Paul McCartney ‘s yin fire element was useful for John Lennon to keep his yin wood warm and his yang metal element controlled. Paul McCartney ‘s yang water element was also useful for John Lennon to nurture his weak yin wood element. But at one point, John Lennon wanted to grow further his wood element, to do so he needed to cling himself himself to another person with strong wood element. 

As the result, he was attracted to Yoko Ono. John Lennon was attracted to Yoko Ono because Yoko Ono has strong yin wood element. Yoko has strong yin wood element because she was born in the month of tiger (18 February). Then, she also has yang fire element and yin water element. John felt that Yoko Ono could help him to sustain himself and further growing his own element.

John Lennon used Yoko Ono’s strong yin wood element to grow further his weak yin wood element. On the same time, John’s strong yang metal element was useful for Yoko Ono to trim her excessive yin wood element. 

Because of his relationship with Yoko Ono, his relationship with Paul McCartney finally deteriorated which lead to the split between them. John Lennon split with Paul McCartney because he felt that Paul’s element wasn’t sustainable for him anymore.

In the year of 1969, there were a couple of elemental clashes between Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney , and John Lennon . As the result of a couple of element clashes between the three of them, John Lennon and Yoko Ono became hostile to Paul McCartney which finally lead to the Lennon-McCartney feud. At that stage the differences between John and Paul were increasing by the day, their luck cycle didn’t support them anymore. While Yoko just finished the whole thing off by taking John away. Paul McCartney became hostile to Yoko Ono because of this thing. As the result, Lennon-McCartney partnership broke up and The Beatles was finally broke up as well.


Nature gives and nature takes

And there we go, nature’s way is you have a good period and you have a bad one. It is most important to recognize good ones and make the best of them, and when a bad period comes in, try to react less with emotions and more with logic. If you have to end certain relationships or partnerships, try to end them in a peaceful way. Some things are just not meant to last forever.

For almost a decade Lennon and McCartney had a very good element match and their combined personalities were producing an amazing chemistry.

John Lennon ‘s strong yang metal element gave him one kind of sharpness, which is easily detectable on his song lyrics. His fragile yin wood element gave him gentleness but on the same time his dragon zodiac sign made him powerful. He had the ability to lead the others straight to the battlefield.

Paul McCartney ‘s strong yang water element gave him the special ability to understand music and adapting any kinds of music according to the required style. His double horse signs on his astrological chart (see Paul McCartney ‘s Chinese astrological chart writen previously, he has double horse signs on his astrological chart) made him friendly, sociable, and likable especially on the stage. Then, he also has the strong characteristic of a pioneer who would always seek for new and groundbreaking things.


24 April 2017
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31 March 2008
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Tiffany, hi, welcome to the forum.

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You’re welcome here as long as you write original content. If it looks like you’re just here to plug other sites and articles please don’t do it.

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24 April 2017
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What about Stu, John was best friends with Stu when they went to Hamburg.

Or Paul and George, they were best friends in highschool.

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