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Man defaming George and his spirituality
Dehra Dun
29 Posts
24 July 2013 - 11.23pm

Lol I guess this guy forgot That  Christianity is based on love, peace, and equality. It is a shame when such a great thing as Christianity is used to put down a great God fearing man such as himself, who used his status to try and usher people towards spirituality.

p.s. I love the site and forum, I cant believe it took me this long to register.


Funny Paper
2080 Posts
24 July 2013 - 11.27pm

When it comes to ecumenical insouciance, there are basically two traditions in Christianity -- one tends to be rigid and hardass about it; the other tends to be more open-minded.

It's not entirely this simple, however, as oftentimes the open-minded types are rather airheaded and illiterate about their own tradition's history; while sometimes the ones that seem doctrinaire are more knowledgeable about distinctions that perhaps do matter.

After all, admirers of George's type of spirituality don't accept everything -- they have standards too (for example, they would reject a good deal of Christian dogma).


Faded flowers, wait in a jar, till the evening is complete... complete... complete... complete...

Dehra Dun
29 Posts
24 July 2013 - 11.35pm

I was raised Catholic, and I used to be an altar boy, but I no longer would say that I am Catholic, I however would not say I am an adherent to the Hare Krishna movement either. I don't understand why people cannot just understand what George and and all others like he and I say that all religions at their core are equal and beautiful ways to achieve final peace in life. I think it is as you said the stubborn people in their religions, that often times are the ones making money off it, won't allow there people to go see the rest of spirituality and its beauty.

I live in Tennessee, which is a major part of the Bible Belt, and growing up Catholic I have always felt ostracized from my majorly Baptist peers, and I think this is what allowed me to realize how closed minded some of these people can be. I however respect their devout faith, it is hard to believe that strongly about something, whenever that faith brings hate is when I am disappointed.   

Inner Light
Friar Park
528 Posts
24 July 2013 - 11.52pm

The important thing in my opinion is to believe in God. The problem is when one gets wrapped up into their particular church or congregation and close their mind. This article mentions George believing in 'New Age' thinking. First of all, Hinduism is the oldest organized religion on earth. It is 200 years older than Christianity. There is about 20 years in the Bible that are unaccountable regarding Jesus life. Many feel he went to India. I don't believe Harrison tricked anyone into chanting the mantra. He always wanted to share his spiritualism with everyone and each of us has to make our own decision. He has mentioned Jesus in some of his songs and during the 'Live In Japan' concert in the song 'My Sweet Lord' he mentions, Om Buddha, Om Christ.  We all need to connect with what we believe in. Be true to yourself. The bottom line is what we do here on earth during our lifetime. Our we selfish or giving? I feel it's what we believe in our hearts and the deeds we do as we mature in life.  

The further one travels, the less one knows

Expert Textpert
In bed.
2693 Posts
25 July 2013 - 2.46am


These people are Catholic and believe in reincarnation.  Whatever you believe, I'm sure there is an organization out there for you.  The bottom line is that people who claim to be spiritual should not be closed minded.  I believe that all religions lead to the same God.

"This Beatles talk bores me to death." --John Lennon

666 Posts
25 July 2013 - 3.06am

A lot of religious threads popping up lately...

E is for 'Ergent'.

coming in through the bathroom window
2098 Posts
25 July 2013 - 4.31am

This reminds me:  At Paul's concert the other night, there was this guy on the corer beside the crowd waiting to get it, with a sign that said "FEAR GOD" and he was spewing words into a megaphone.  I was just like "What the hell, man?  We're here to enjoy a concert!  Back off with your pushy shite!"  a-hard-days-night-paul-11

"Please don't bring your banjo back, I know where it's been..  I wasn't hardly gone a day, when it became the scene..  Banjos!  Banjos!  All the time, I can't forget that tune..  and if I ever see another banjo, I'm going out and buy a big balloon!"



19101 Posts
25 July 2013 - 9.57am

SatanHimself said
A lot of religious threads popping up lately...


Maybe they're trying to rid us of Satan.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

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