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17 March 2014 - 8.54pm

^ Nice one, cheers!


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Mr. Kite
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18 March 2014 - 1.38am

AppleScruffJunior said

Ahhh Girl said

LikeASir said

Something I'm curious about.

@LikeASir Yes, The Beatles did have groupies. They were called Apple Scruffs.

Here's a link to one of Joe's pages that mentions them.

You will find them mentioned in various threads around the forum.

Hopefully someone (hint, hint @AppleScruffJunior ) will add a little bit more to this thread to give us a little more insight about them.

Did you call?

Pretty much what everyone else said, the Scruffs were the more innocent fans who hung outside the Apple building, Abbey Road and Paul's house (and breaking into Paul's house, obviously). They were just avid fan girls (and boys) who basically used to stalk them (meaning no harm- of course).

Some of them eventually ended up working with the lads and kind of becoming their friends. They weren't 'groupies' in that their main aim wasn't to sleep with one of the Beatles, they just want to be a part of their world. However, one of them, Carol Bedford got close to George but nothing happened because she rejected him(a-hard-days-night-paul-7a-hard-days-night-ringo-13).

Of course if I was back in the 60s I would have fecked off no bother to London to become an Apple Scruff!


Speaking of which if anyone has a PDF of 'Waiting For The Beatles: An Apple Scruff's story', I will send you a cookie!

Seriously though- I want that book!!!

Stalking and breaking into houses... Lovely! The way you put that just seems funny, but they seem interesting, I bet it was a lot of fun....

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Silly Girl
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17 November 2015 - 6.36pm

I just re-read those excerpts from that book about the Apple  Scruffs that our resident expert posted. Sooooo jealous. Heck, I wouldn't even mind getting bashed up by George if it meant knowing him personally... a-hard-days-night-paul-7 

I've decided I was an Apple  Scruff in a past life. It must be so, as I feel I've heard the songs before even when I haven't. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

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Inside the beat
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19 November 2015 - 3.40pm

Ruth is one heck of a gal a-hard-days-night-george-9

edit: I'll look up my DiLello, I'm sure there's a few Scruff stories in that, I remember some pictures too.

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Inside the beat
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21 November 2015 - 3.19pm

Quote from The Longest Cocktail Party:

The Women In Black

The House Hippie [DiLello's official title in the Apple Press Office] saw them standing in quiet knots of two and threes all through that first Wigmore Street summer and thought to himself, "They'll go away when this weather gets bad." He was wrong.

After seeing them day after day for month after month he started looking at them. He noticed a handful of faces that were permanent pavement fixtures. When he went to deliver a parcel to Paul McCartney's house they would be there. When he had to go to Abbey Road they were there. When a shorter journey was involved to Trident Studios where one of them might be working they were there.

They would be standing by the cast-iron white picket fence outside Number 3 when he went in at ten and some nights leaving at eight they would still be there. The faces would remind him that he had seen them at least half a dozen times that day as he had exited on half a dozen separate missions.

There are Beatle fans and there are Beatle fans; that much he knew. It was becoming clearer to The House Hippie that these girls were not just any old Beatle fans. They were always positioned on opposite sides of the steps when the obvious, one-day wonder fans from America and Europe were out in force for an unimpressive two-hour vigil. They retained an aloofness from these hysterical screamers that bordered on supreme dignity.

It never mattered what the weather was doing. They stood there and allowed the rain to soak them and the wind to cut through their young-girl clothes. At last it dawned on him. He knew they would be there longer than anyone else, after everyone else had left, they would still be there.

The Scruffs flit in and out of DiLello's book: A Scruff called Margot even got work in the Saville Row kitchen by some means of promotion, and they took to warning staff whenever Allen Klein was in the building. One of the last pictures in the book is a blurry image of some of them, unnamed.

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Silly Girl

I'm like Necko only I'm a bassist ukulele synthesizer penguin and also everyone. Or is everyone me? Now I'm a confused bassist ukulele synthesizer penguin everyone who is definitely not @Joe.

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9 June 2016 - 2.10pm

I love this song! but it's one of the songs that makes me utterly aware of my wish for a time machinea-hard-days-night-ringo-7

though I get a feeling of slight jealousy (especially at some parts, like Ruth befriending John (he's my favouritea-hard-days-night-john-3))  I think its really interesting reading about the Apple Scruffs and the way they managed to get so close to the beatles. 

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Silly Girl

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The Hippie Chick
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9 June 2016 - 2.57pm

meanmistermustard said
The 1996 BBC 2 radio documentary 'Apple Scruffs' can be downloaded here  

Just finding this thread since it showed up on the recently updated list and have been reading and enjoying. I'd love to see this documentary, alas it's no longer available at the link here.  Also if anyone can lead me to where I can read "Waiting For The Beatles", that would be fantastic, too, appears to be out of print.

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