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Lady Gaga!

19090 Posts
26 January 2012 - 2.50pm

Your post came out well Mrs. McCarrison.

Personally i think Justin will slowly disappear as his audience grows up. He certainly cant act if his appearances in CSI are anything to go by.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of "self" to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

Rockin' in two by two
497 Posts
26 January 2012 - 4.28pm

I agree with both of those statements: that was a good post and Justil will eventually disappear.

I guess I feel like the Beatles sort of "invented" their own "look", but so many of the people who are famous nowadays are just fitting into a template of a "look", and they are still appreciated. I admire artists who do their own thing. I tire of seeing the same thing over and over again: a rapper, another rapper, ANOTHER rapper, someone who makes a generic dance beat, someone who makes ANOTHER dance beat.....and so on.

The sunshine bores the daylights outta me

Norwich, England
52 Posts
27 January 2012 - 4.17am

I also aggree with that. He probably will fade out, but you never know. I'm not saying I want Justin bieber to be te next Beatles, it's just an interesting thing to think about. And JET! I completely get what your saying. Artists are just beter when they do their own thing, and not try and fit into the mold that society has made for them.

***? "A Hard Day's Night" opening chord ?***


19090 Posts
27 January 2012 - 11.41am

There have been hundreds of acts labelled as 'the next beatles' and none have have anywhere close to being able to see the beatles dim headlights in the way-off distance. Its more a way of hyping the artist/band that being a statement of fact.

The same goes whether its the 'new' Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Spice Girls etc, which have all been designated to up and coming acts, most you never hear of again.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of "self" to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

mr. Sun king coming together
Nowhere Land
6429 Posts
27 January 2012 - 12.34pm

Bieber will fade, although when I was forced to listen to a snippet of his Christmas album (was watching football and a clip was played on the station), they aren't that bad. Nothing I'd ever buy, god no, but not bad. But, I think who says "Band X are the Next Beatles" matters. Because, a TMZ reporter saying it? Couldn't Care Less. Tom Powers on CBC Radio Two Drive a couple of months back? I'm more inclined to entertain the theory because of who says it. And the fact he said Arcade Fire was (well, said they could be Canada's Beatles) made me agree. It depends of the source.

As if it matters how a man falls down.'

'When the fall's all that's left, it matters a great deal.

5 Posts
7 March 2012 - 11.45am

I agree that it's unfair that people think so bad about Lady Gaga.... I think she is a great musician. She shows at every live performance that she has a great voice and that she is a real artist. I was at a concert once and I didn't regret it. I think people should give her a chance. Just because she likes to wear eccentric outfits to catch attention, it doesn't mean that she couldn't be a great artist. It just shows that the society judges her without listening to the actual music.

Nowhere Land
2716 Posts
8 March 2012 - 12.30am

Meh, I haven't heard enough of her music to judge. She's not that bad, although we do pick on her a little in my family:

[Polythene Dan and JoJo playing "Harry Potter"]

JoJo: Stupid-fy!

Polythene Dan [robotic voice]: 1 + 2 = 7. The sky is yellow. Lady Gaga's outfits are both modest and tasteful. 

As you can see, it's just the outfits. We don't really rip on anything else.

(Side note: I'd say that out of the "popular" artists, Adele's my favorite.) 

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind that is confusing things.

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