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Elvis Presley: The Seeker King
28 February 2014
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18 April 2013
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I’m reading a book about Elvis called “The Seeker King.”  It’s a spiritual biography.  I haven’t gotten to all the good parts yet, but it’s already told how Elvis became interested in reincarnation and parapsychology in the army, and how he loved Kahlil Gibran.  The book is published by the Theosophaical Publishing House, which is interesting because (according to a review of the book that I read) Elvis himself was interested in Theosophy and this was one of the things he researched.  He went through a period of deep spiritual searching after he realized that hedonism led to emptiness, and as a result of a crisis that he had over the sexist image that had been created through his movie persona.

I really love Elvis.  Are there any other big fans here?  I’m sort of in Elvis mode right now, which is why I haven’t been posting a lot.

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28 February 2014
Inside Von Bontee's mind
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Not a HUGE fan, but I do like the guy, and own my share of Elvis albums. I mentioned on the “Did Elvis hate John Lennon ?” thread how ironic it was that he & the Beatles had so little to talk about when they met – and yet only a year later George began to investigate all the same Eastern philosophical writings that Elvis had been obsessed with since only a couple of years earlier. He & El would’ve got along great if their meeting had been postponed until 1966.

GEORGE: In fact, The Detroit Sound. JOHN: In fact, yes. GEORGE: In fact, yeah. Tamla-Motown artists are our favorites. The Miracles. JOHN: We like Marvin Gaye. GEORGE: The Impressions PAUL & GEORGE: Mary Wells. GEORGE: The Exciters. RINGO: Chuck Jackson. JOHN: To name but eighty. 


28 February 2014
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18 April 2013
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Yes, I think it would have been helpful for Elvis if a real connection had been made with The Beatles.  I know John was a big fan and toyed with the idea of helping to resurrect Elvis’s career in the 70’s.

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28 February 2014
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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14 February 2013
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I am a big Elvis fan too and have been all my life…just like with the Beatles.  I was raised with him (& the Beatles) because of much older siblings who had all the cool music  :)

This books sounds really interesting Expert T, and I look forward to hearing your review of it when you are done.  I have read several books on Elvis in the past, but since being in “Beatle-Mode” for the past year, I’ve haven’t read much of anything else.  I think this would be a book that I would be interested in reading too.  I’ll have to take a look for it.

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28 February 2014
Thankfully not where I am.


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I have a number of his songs from thru-out his career and occasionally i listen to them but im in no way a huge fan. Generally and personally speaking i find his music fails to live up to his legendary status, many would say the same about John.

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4 March 2014
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18 April 2013
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I highly recommend this book.  Not only did it change my view of Elvis, it completely blew my mind.  The public persona put forth by Elvis is very different from his private self.  He was only able to share his spiritual search with one friend, Larry Geller, who provided books for him.  No one else around him was remotely interested in what really drove Elvis.  He tried to awaken his closest friends to the spiritual search to no avail.

Elvis began his true spritual search after reading a gnostic book called The Impersonal Life, which led him to meditate daily, practice altruistic giving, and come to see his talent as a gift from God to help uplfit humanity.  He had a mystical experience of Christ while driving through Arizona.  He became a student of Theosophy, which he was attracted to because of its focus on universal brotherhood its position that all religions contain elements of the same divine truth. After discovering Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship, he became a spiritual healer who did some pretty amazing things.  He continued to stay in contact with the SRF leader, Daya Mata, throughout his life.  He also had several UFO encounters.

This one quote from Elvis really struck me:  “I’m not a man.  I’m not a woman–I’m a soul, a spirit, a force. I have no interest in anything of this world.”

Some of the books he read:

Adams, Frank. The Scientific Search for the Face of Christ
Alder, Vera Stanley. The Initiation of the World
Alder, Vera Stanley. The Finding of the Third Eye
Alder, Vera Stanley. The Fifth Dimension
Alder, Vera Stanley. The Secret of the Atomic Age
Augustine, Saint. The City of God
Bailey, Alice. The Light of the Soul
Bailey, Alice. Initiation, Human and Solar
Bailey, Alice. Glamour: A World Problem
Bailey, Alice. The Reappearance of Christ
Bailey, Alice. Esoteric Healing
Bailey, Alice. From Intellect to Intuition
Bailey, Alice. The Externalization of the Hierarchy
Bayne, Murdo McDonald. Beyond the Himalayas
Benner, Joseph. The Impersonal Life
Benner, Joseph. Brotherhood
Benner, Joseph. The Way to the Kingdom
Blavatsky, Helena. Isis Unveiled
Blavatsky, Helena. The Secret Doctrine
Brunton, Paul. Wisdom of the Overself
Brunton, Paul. Hidden Teachings Beyond Yoga
Brunton, Paul. In Search of secret India
Brunton, Paul. The Secret Path
Brunton, Paul. Discover Yourself
Brunton, Paul. A Hermit in the Himalayas
Brunton, Paul. The Quest of the Overself
Brydlova, Bozema. Ten Unveiled: The Brylovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
Bucke, Richard Maurice. Cosmic Consciousness
Bucke, Richard Maurice. The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden
Cheiro. Cheiro’s book of Numbers
Cheiro. When Were You Born
Cheiro. Cheiro’s World Predictions
Cheiro. Fate in the Making
Eddy, Mary Baker. Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures
Fisher, Martin(trans.). Gracian’s Manual
Geller, Larry. The New Age Voice (magazine)
Gibran, Kahlil. The Prophet
Gibran, Kahlil. The Spiritual Sayings of Kahlil Gibran
Gibran, Kahlil. Thoughts and Meditations
Goldsmith, Joel. The Infinite Way
The Gospel According to Thomas, from the Nag Hamadi Library
Gurdjieff, G.I.. Meetings with Remarkable Men
Hall, Manly Palmer. Man, Grand Symbol of the Mysteries
Hall, Manly Palmer. The Mystical Christ
Hall, Manly Palmer. The Phoenix
Hall, Manly Palmer. Twelve World Teachers
Hall, Manly Palmer. The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Hall, Manly Palmer. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
Hall, Manly Palmer. Old Testament Wisdom
Heindal, Max. The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception
Heline, Corinne. America’s Invisible Guidance
Heline, Corinne. Color And Music In New Age
Heline, Corinne. Music: The Keynote of Human Evolution
Heline, Corinne. The Sacred Science of Numbers
Heline, Corinne. New Age Bible Interpretation, Volume 1
Hodson, Godffrey. The Hidden Wisdom of the holy Bible, Volume 1
Hodson, Godffrey. The Hidden Wisdom of the holy Bible, Volume II
Holy Bible Old And New Testaments, King James Version
Krishnamurti. You And the World
Krishnamurti. The first and Last Freedom
Leadbeater, C.W. The Masters and the Path
Leadbeater, C.W. The Inner Life
Leadbeater, C.W. The Chakras
Levi. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
Long, Max Freedom. The Huna Code in Religions
Mata, Sri Daya. Only Love
M.C. Light on the Path
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
Morya. Leaves of Morya’s Garden Volumes I and II
Morya. Agni Yoga
Morya. Aum
Morya. Brotherhood
Morya. Hierarchy
Morya. Heart
Morya. Fiery World, Volumes I and II
Morya. Infinity, Volumes I and II
Nicoll, Maurice. The New Man
Ouspensky, P.D. In Search of the Miraculous
Ouspensky, P.D The Fourth Way
Percival, Harold. Thinking and Destiny
Percival, Harold. Masonry and Its Symbols
Pike, Albert .Morals and Dogma
Ramacharaka. Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy
Roirich, Helena. Letters of Helena Roerich, Volumes I and II
Rudhyar, Dane. New Mansions for New Men
Rudhyar, Dane. Fire Out of the Stone
Russell, Walter. The secret of Light
Rutherford, Adam. Pyramidology: The Science of the Divine Message of the Great Pyramid
Rutherford, Adam. Pyramidology: The Glory of Christ as Revealed by the Great Pyramid
Satprem. The Adventure of Consciousness
Spaulding, Baird. Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Volumes I-V. The Urantia Book
Waite, A.E. The Holy Kabbalah
Yogananda, Paramahansa. Autobiography of a Yogi
Yogananda, Paramahansa. How You Can Talk with God
Yogananda, Paramahansa. Science of Religion
Yogananda, Paramahansa. Man’s Eternal Quest
Yukteswar, Sri . The Holy Science

The prescription drugs he was on led to his downfall by changing him psychologically and physiologically, but in spite of his mistakes (and he made some pretty big ones), he continued to give selflessly until the end.

"If you're ever in the shit, grab my tit.” —Paul McCartney 

6 March 2014
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18 April 2013
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Something else I learned…a lot of people criticize the poor quality songs in Elvis’s later music career, but I didn’t know that Elvis actually wanted to sing better songs but it wasn’t possible because of the money that the Colonel demanded, which was unfair to the songwriters.  Elvis could have made some artistic career decisions if not for the Colonel, who was only interested in milking money from people–it worked at first because of Elvis’s popularity, but then later it worked against him.

"If you're ever in the shit, grab my tit.” —Paul McCartney 

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