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Ranking all the songs on With The Beatles
7 November 2016
A Beginning
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31 October 2016
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I love every Beatles song but there are definitely favorites and least favorites.


1.) Not A Second Time – One of my favorite Beatles songs. I love the vocals on this and wished they would’ve performed it live.


2.) It Won’t Be Long – Possibly one of my favorite album openers ever. I’m still baffled as to why they didn’t release this as a single or at least a b-side.


3.) Don’t Bother Me – One of my favorite George songs that gets beaten by fans. This is a great “first song” by George.


4.) All I’ve Got To Do – This used to be my favorite song on the album. I love the pauses and stops throughout the song.


5.) Devil In Her Heart – This is another song that I’ve seen appear on Beatles worst and I have no idea why. The vocals and guitar on this song are great.


6.) Little Child – A fun simple rocker. It was originally meant for Ringo and I’m glad he didn’t sing it. I don’t think his vocals would’ve fit the song.


7.) Hold Me Tight – Another song that gets a lot of hate because of Paul’s vocals. This also used to be my favorite song but it’s definitely lost its luster.


8.) Till There Was You – A song that is very reminiscent of A Taste Of Honey . It’s a nice little tune.


9.) All My Loving – A song that people would probably rank higher but I think it’s too overplayed. This song was playing at the hospital John Lennon was brought to when he was shot.


10.) You Really Got A Hold On Me – Not much to say About this one. It used to be my favorite on the album but it fell out of favor.


11.) Please Mister Postman –  Most of the covers on this album are alright but definitely not my favorites. This song never was my favorite and wouldn’t be in my favorite Beatles covers either.


12.) Roll Over Beethoven – Besides George’s vocals and guitar playing this song is rather repetitive and boring. 


13.) I Wanna Be Your Man – I love Ringo but this is probably one of the most filler songs they ever recorded.


14.) Money (That’s What I Want) – I was NEVER a fan of this song. It’s probably one of my least favorite Beatles songs. I do love it but it’s easily one of my least favorites by the group.

8 November 2016
London Palladium
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2 November 2016
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Hmm, this one’s a bit tough. Not as tough as trying to rank Abbey Road , though; I totally gave up trying to do that. I’ll get back to that eventually, but for now…

1. All My Loving – A nice, simple song with solid harmony. The reason I like it is less the song itself, and more the emotional connection I have to it. I can rarely get along very well with my brother but whenever this song plays, we can sing together and have a bit of fun.

2. You Really Got A Hold On Me – This is a rare case of me liking a cover more than the original. I love their version of this song, and I sing along with it every time. 

3. Till There Was You – I’m biased here, because I love this song to begin with. I think Paul’s voice sounds very gentle and nice. The acoustic guitar is adorable. Overall this song is very cheesy but so, so charming. 

4. All I’ve Got To Do – I really love this song, but I can’t exactly explain why. It’s composed in a very interesting way, I suppose. I like the bassline, and John sounds very pleasant. 

5. Devil In Her Heart – I have a huge weakness for harmony. It’s a nice, mellow jam that feels relaxing to me. I can really dig this song.

6. It Won’t Be Long – A fun way to start the album up. It attacks you with a nice burst of energy that just makes you wanna move.

7. Little Child – I like the piano here. As the lyrics would suggest, it’s a number that’s nice to dance to. The harmonica sounds somewhat strange and throws the song off for me, though.

8. Please Mister Postman – A cute version of this song. Doesn’t measure up to other versions of it I’ve heard, though. I’d prefer to listen to the Marvelettes. 

9. Roll Over Beethoven – Has a bit of a vague surfer-ish rock feel to it. Makes me wanna bounce.

10. Hold Me Tight – Simple but good sort of thing. Doesn’t stick out too much overall to me. A bit forgettable, even.

12. Not A Second Time – A bit boring and easy to forget about, but nice to listen to when I remember it.

12. Don’t Bother Me – I do like this song, but it doesn’t measure up to other songs from George for me. It feels very “basic.” I find my attention wandering about halfway through the song.

13. I Wanna Be Your Man – Ringo doesn’t sound all too great here. It’s grown on me a bit over time, but it definitely feels like album filler. 

14. Money (That’s What I Want) – Boring. Some good vocals from John, but that’s about it.

13 April 2017
St Peters Church
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12 April 2017
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  1. All My Loving
  2. All I’ve Got To Do
  3. It Won’t Be Long
  4. Don’t Bother Me
  5. Till There Was You
  6. Hold Me Tight
  7. Not A Second Time
  8. Please Mister Postman
  9. Little Child
  10. Money (That’s All I Want)
  11. I Wanna Be Your Man
  12. Roll Over Beethoven
  13. Devil In Her Heart
  14. You Really Got A Hold On Me

& because I’m a crazy person, I added up all the rankings in a spreadsheet to see what the average rank for each song is. It looks like this so far —

  3.53 – All My Loving (seven #1 votes)

  3.84 – It Won’t Be Long (two #1 votes)

  5.63 – Please Mister Postman (one #1 vote)

  5.84 – All I’ve Got To Do

  6.26 – Money (That’s All I Want)   (one #1 vote)

  7.00 – You Really Got A Hold On Me   (one #1 vote)

  7.42 – ‘Till There Was You   (one #1 vote)

  8.05 – Roll Over Beethoven

  8.16 – Don’t Bother Me   (one #1 vote)

  9.21 – I Wanna Be Your Man

  9.32 – Not A Second Time   (one #1 vote)

  9.58 – Hold Me Tight

10.26 – Devil In Her Heart

10.89 – Little Child   (one #1 vote, & 7 last place votes while no other song got more than 2 last place votes)

29 April 2017
In a Yellow Submarine at Wigglehouse
The Top Ten Club
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25 November 2016
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14. Hold Me Tight – Paul kept singing out of key in this song. He could’ve done a lot better.

13. I Wanna Be Your Man – This sounds like sex if it were a song… Moving on… a-hard-days-night-paul-4

12. Little Child – Just kind of bland to me.

11. Not A Second Time – This would be higher if it didn’t remind me of trouble I had with someone I once loved…

10. Devil In Her Heart – Fantastic cover song.

9. Till There Was You – Very underrated and under-appreciated.

8. Roll Over Beethoven – Catchy and fun song.

7. Money (That’s What I Want) – Great closing to the album, and I love the piano in this song.

6. You Really Got A Hold On Me – Classic. Love it.

5. Don’t Bother Me – George’s first written song, and he did a good job.

4. Please Mister Postman – I love the backing vocals especially.

3. It Won’t Be Long – Very energenic opener.

2. All I’ve Got To Do – A song that makes me happy.

1. All My Loving – Obvious choice, but it’s one of their best hits.

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6 May 2017
Von Bontee
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Apple rooftop
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14 December 2009
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14. Hold Me Tight – Both this and “I Wanna Be Your Man ” are barely songs, but they both deliver through sheer single-minded drive. This one stomps…

13. I Wanna Be Your Man – …while this one percolates. The organ and tambourine are key (as are the image of Ringo discotheque-dancing to his own song in the AHDN film)

12. Roll Over Beethoven – Either John or Paul would’ve sung this one with more balls and humour, plus George doesn’t play the intro right to my satisfaction. But he gets the rest of the song right.

11. Not A Second Time – For all its idiosyncracies, this song really doesn’t do much for me. The piano solo is particularly pointless

10. Little Child – John’s harmonica rules everything here

9. Don’t Bother Me – A better George song than either of his “Help !” contributions, I think

8. Please Mr. Postman – Not up to the original but still quite nice

7. Till There Was You – I admit I don’t find this cheesy in the least, and George’s guitar and solo are fantastic. Much different from the balladic Broadway original. Bongos give a nice semi-Latin groove

6. All I’ve Got To Do – OK but meandering. Definitely shouldn’t have been the 2nd track.

5. Devil In Her Heart – A great one

4. You Really Got A Hold On Me – Two more Motown covers that don’t quite equal the great originals – both are “merely” very good

3. Money – …or make that “very, VERY good!” Super vocals (especially lead) and Ringo stomp

2. All My Loving – Unstoppable guitar triplet strumming drives this masterwork, even though the guitar break doesn’t do much for me. Definitely should’ve been the second song on the album.

1. It Won’t Be Long – YEAH! Fantastic opener; all those insistent “yeah”s, the musically bleak bridge contrasting with the “You’re coming home” message, the way John modulates to hit higher notes in the final chorus…superb.

Pretty great album, I’d say!

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7 May 2017
The Netherlands
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21 November 2012
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7 May 2017
Elementary Penguin
Candlestick Park
Forum Posts: 1008
Member Since:
15 March 2017
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14. Hold Me Tight – This song had potential but it goes nowhere.

13. Devil In Her Heart – Not a bad song but not a great one either.

12. Not A Second Time – Another song that isn’t bad but it could be better.

11. Little Child – The harmonica is the highlight of this song for me. 

10. Till There Was You – A good performance but I prefer the various live versions that exist.

9. Roll Over Beethoven – I like this version of the song. George sounds great but I like the other songs on the album more.

8. I Wanna Be Your Man – A simple song but I like Ringo’s performance on this one. 

7. You Really Got A Hold On Me – A good performance all round but sometimes this song can drag for me depending on my mood.

6. Money – A good performance but it is a little too tame for me so I prefer the live versions of this song.

5. Please Mister Postman – One of my all time favourite Beatles covers.

4. Don’t Bother Me – Great debut from George. It’s moody and you can tell that he was upset when he wrote it.

3. All I’ve Got To Do – A song that passed me by for a long time but I really love this song now.

2. It Won’t Be Long – Great song and great way to open an album and I love the ending to the song as well. 

1. All My Loving – One of Paul’s best. I love the solo and the passion in the last verse.

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8 May 2017
sir walter raleigh
In our yellow (IN OUR YELLOW) submarine (SUBMARINE AHA!)
Apple rooftop
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26 January 2017
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I see Little Child and Hold Me Tight ranked so low. I really like those. I thought about ranking this album, but it is too hard. All My Loving would probably be my #1.

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10 May 2017
Elementary Penguin
Candlestick Park
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15 March 2017
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I do like those songs but I like the other songs more.

And in the end the lunch you take is equal to the lunch you bake.

27 June 2018
A Beginning
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10 April 2018
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14: Little Child (Not great but ok at best. The only good thing about it is Ringo’s drumming and the harmonica)

13: I Wanna Be Your Man (Not as great as Boys but decent)

12: Not A Second Time (Meh)

11: Hold Me Tight (Decent)

10: Don’t Bother Me (Not bad a start to George’s songwriting but it’s not too good)

9: Devil In Her Heart (Decent)

8: Money (That’s What I Want) (Not bad but its trying to Twist And Shout )

7: Please Mister Postman (Great harmonies and guitar playing by John, Paul and George)

6: All I’ve Got To Do (Good)

5: Roll Over Beethoven (Great cover by George)

4: Till There Was You (Classic)

3: All My Loving (Classic)

2: It Won’t Be Long (Great John opener)

1: You Really Got A Hold On Me (One of the best covers from the early days)

29 June 2018
Candlestick Park
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14 June 2016
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1.The Beatles 2.Sgt. Pepper 3.Abbey Road 4.Magical Mystery Tour 5.Rubber Soul 6.Revolver 7.Help! 8.Let It Be
9.A Hard Day’s Night 10.Please Please Me 11.Beatles For Sale 12.With The Beatles 13.Yellow Submarine

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2 July 2018
Shamrock Womlbs
Waiting for the van to come
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24 March 2014
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a-hard-days-night-ringo-8 so is All I’ve Got To Do your favourite ? ’cause it’s mine too : ) Such a beautiful little tune it is, eh?

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3 July 2018
Candlestick Park
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14 June 2016
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Shamrock Womlbs said
a-hard-days-night-ringo-8 so is All I’ve Got To Do your favourite ? ’cause it’s mine too : ) Such a beautiful little tune it is, eh?  

Yes. That’s why I have it at the top. a-hard-days-night-john-6

1.The Beatles 2.Sgt. Pepper 3.Abbey Road 4.Magical Mystery Tour 5.Rubber Soul 6.Revolver 7.Help! 8.Let It Be
9.A Hard Day’s Night 10.Please Please Me 11.Beatles For Sale 12.With The Beatles 13.Yellow Submarine

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18 September 2018
A Beginning
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17 September 2018
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13 October 2018
Tony Japanese
Shea Stadium
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11 September 2018
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It Won’t Be Long  Compared with I Saw Her Standing There and what’s to come, this is one of the Beatles’ weakest opening tracks. 7/10

All I’ve Got To Do Another minor song by Lennon, but I prefer this because of the passionate vocal performance. 8/10

All My Loving One of the great things about The Beatles is that they were so talented, they could afford to leave the likes of All My Loving on an LP, where it had the potential to linger lost and forgotten. A gem. 10/10

Don’t Bother Me Most songwriters (even Lennon and McCartney) spend a  few years writing crap songs before they’ve even got a record deal, improving their craft as they go. George had no such luxury. 6/10

Little Child Supposedly written to fill the album and offered to Ringo. That even he refused to sing it tells you all you need to know. 5/10

Till There Was You A sweet tune that only Paul could’ve suggested they cover. I enjoy things like this, as it shows how diverse they were able to be. Deducted a point for the line “but I never saw them winging” 7/10

Please Mr Postman One of the few times I prefer the cover to the Motown original, and I love the original. The Beatles version is harder and more powerful though. 9/10

Roll Over Beethoven Do all Chuck Berry songs begin with that familiar kind of riff on the upper(?) neck of the guitar? George’s highlight on the album. 8/10

Hold Me Tight Paul’s creativity on this album lacking, with only this (written before the Please Please Me album) and All My Loving being the only two songs he managed to write for the album. This is by far the poorer of the two. 6/10

You Really Got A Hold On Me This is John’s best performance on the album. The harmonies between him and George are beautiful. 10/10

I Wanna Be Your Man Two minutes of repetitiveness only Ringo could get away with. I’ve never understood it’s popularity. 6/10

Devil In Her Heart  I like this, but this is easily the most forgettable song on the record. 7/10

Not A Second Time  Generally known for the reaction it received from contemporary critic William Mann, this is an average effort from John which I feel could’ve been improved by a bridge or middle 8. 7/10

Money (That’s What I Want) Coming from the man who later wrote, “imagine no possessions” this could’ve been John’s mantra in the early days of Beatlemania. An obvious attempt to end of a similar high to Twist And Shout . 8/10

Overall rating: 7.42

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13 October 2018
Mr Mustard
St Peters Church
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11 October 2018
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1. It Won’t Be Long   –  zestful
2. Not A Second Time   –  brooding
3. All My Loving   –  infectious
4. All I’ve Got To Do   –  romantic
5. Don’t Bother Me   –  mordant
6. Money (That’s What I Want)  –  powerful
7. Please Mr. Postman  –  lively
8. Devil In Her Heart   –  playful
9. You Really Got A Hold On Me   –  emotional
10. Hold Me Tight   –  dissonant
11. Little Child   –  pedestrian
12. I Wanna Be Your Man   –  repetetive
13. Roll Over Beethoven   –  unremarkable
14. Till There Was You   –  horrible

19 November 2018
A Beginning
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24 October 2018
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All My Loving (The more i listen it the more i love it. Definitely it`s very a special song)

I Wanna Be Your Man (best Ringo`s)

All i `ve got to do

Not A Second Time  

Devil in my heart

You really got a hold on my

It won`t be long

Little Child

Til there was you

HOld My tight

Don`t bother me (worst Harrison`s as singer)

Roll Over Beethoven

Please Mister Postman



I love the Motown but I love much the Beatles. As usual for me covers are in the bottom althoug they were very important for Beatles rise in USA

19 November 2018
Playing on the roofs again
Apple rooftop
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15 November 2018
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I love this album so much. Ranking it was so hard!

14. Little Child — I don’t know why, but I have never liked this song. It’s the only one on the album that I actively dislike. 

13. I Wanna Be Your Man — I actually really like this song, but it’s lyrically boring and is easily outranked by most of the other songs on the album.

12. All I’ve Got To Do — This is a great song, but it’s never stood out to me much.

11. It Won’t Be Long — Fantastic album opener and fantastic song.

10. Please Mr Postman– I love this song and think it is far superior to the original version.

9. Roll Over Beethoven — Same as above. Also, I love George’s vocal.

8. Hold Me Tight — This song is way underrated. 

7. You Really Got A Hold On Me — An awe-inspiring John vocal and a really great song.

6. Not A Second Time — I love the piano, the bass, the vocal, the everything.

5. Money (That’s What I Want)– I really love both the piano and the vocals. It reminds me a bit of Twist And Shout and is a great album closer.

4. Don’t Bother Me — George’s first composition to be featured on a Beatles album, and it’s unspeakably fantastic. I love this song so so so much.

3. Devil In Her Heart — Somehow even better than Don’t Bother Me . The guitar is great, but I love the vocals the most.

2. All My Loving — Some may say it’s overplayed, but for good reason– it’s such an amazing song.

1. Till There Was You — It may be a cover, but Paul’s voice and George’s guitar combine to make the best song on the album.

Love one another.

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11 March 2019
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26 January 2017
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Interestingly, it’s mostly the covers that are my favourites on this album. 

14. I Wanna Be Your Man – I’m not the biggest fan of Ringo’s vocals on several of his early tracks, and this is no exception. No surprise they gave it to the Stones. 

13. Hold Me Tight – Actually pretty heavy for the time, and I like the hook, but this is a pretty forgettable and plain song overall.

12. Little Child – For some reason I always find the part where they sing the title really jarring. Cool harmonica though. 

11. Not A Second Time – Just forgettable. I’m sure I would like it more if I gave it more attention, but it’s currently not bringing me back to it. 

10. Roll Over Beethoven – Not the best fit for the band. George doesn’t sound terribly confident on the vocal and his guitar line is a bit too jerky and awkward. 

9. It Won’t Be Long – Fast, breezy and loud. It doesn’t really serve any function other than announcing its presence at the start of the album, but its fun. 

8. Don’t Bother Me – Georgie’s songwriting debut has a really off kilter melody and atmosphere. He would reach peaks way higher than this, but it’s a good start.

7. You Really Got A Hold On Me – A slower, groovier song that is really enjoyable. 

6. Please Mister Postman – Since the original has such bad recording quality, it’s great to hear this one done justice. 

5. Devil In Her Heart – I just love the harmony here, and how loose and flowing the sound is. 

4. All My Loving – One of their best ever pop songs, and a great solo from George.

3. Money (That’s What I Want) – Awesome bluesy singing from John. It’s no Twist And Shout , but highly underrated regardless. 

2. Till There Was You – Amazing cover, and really crisp recording quality.

1. All I’ve Got To Do – I love John’s vocal on this one so much, I think that’s why I always come back to it.

And there you have it. I may just have to re-evaluate this one overall, since I remember liking it much less than I currently am enjoying it.

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21 March 2019
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