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Strongest Beatle per album
28 February 2017
Casbah Coffee Club
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20 February 2017
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Please Please Me - John. George could have nearly swayed this for me purely based on Chains but I just love Anna (Go to Him) too much to not give that one to John.
With The Beatles - Georgey boy. Devil In Her Heat holds a very special place in my heart. Also, Roll Over Beethoven
A Hard Days Night - Paul. And I Love Her makes me swoon. John comes in a very close second with Anytime at All.
Beatles For Sale - John and Paul are pretty equal on this album I couldn't choose either. Honorable mention to Ringo, Honey Don't is one of my fav's off the album. 
Help ! - Paul. Hand's down. The Night Before , Another Girl , I've Just Seen A Face , Yesterday . All amazing songs on one amazing album. Also, my favourite film. 
Rubber Soul - George. If I Needed Someone is one of the best songs on that album. John a close second with Nowhere Man and In My Life
Revolver - Paul. For No One makes me feel some sort of way. Got To Get You Into My Life is such strong vocals from Paul, one of the best.
Sgt. Pepper - Paul. I mean, it's his album isn't it. Should have just been credited to him.
Magical Mystery Tour - Paul. Your Mother Should Know is my favourite song atm. 
White Album - Not a big fan of the whole album but John. Julia being my favourite song off it.
Yellow Submarine - Ringo!! My mum always used to sing Octopus' Garden to me when I was little.
Abbey Road - Paul. Oh! Darling and Golden Slumbers are magical.
Let It Be - George and Paul. I Me Mine is a personal favourite but The Long And Winding Road is why I can't give it completely to George.  

Sleep pretty darlin', do not cry.

28 February 2017
Kalamazoo, Seussville, USA
Candlestick Park
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23 July 2016
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I'm taking more of an un-opinionated point of view here by determining this list via who did the most lead vocals, note that when I refer to Magical Mystery Tour , I refer to the EP, when I refer to Yellow Submarine , I'm only referring to tracks 2-6 (AKA the original tracks), and if a song contains multiple singers on lead vocals, such as Flying or Because , I give each of them 1 credit:

Please Please Me :

_85921707_26dcaa95-b99d-4d4d-a735-022dba5494be.jpgImage Enlarger

With The Beatles :

25th-november-1963-john-lennon-singer-guitarist-and-songwriter-with-picture-id3165523?s=594x594Image Enlarger

A Hard Day's Night :

708122495658eed69fb94c547c709116.jpgImage Enlarger

Beatles For Sale :

168.jpg68.jpgImage Enlarger

Help !:


Rubber Soul :


Revolver :

311b25f14ae784de39622d3c88885223.jpgImage Enlarger

Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band:


Magical Mystery Tour :

image.jpg?format=750wImage Enlarger

Yellow Submarine :

The%2BBeatles%2B-%2BHey%2BBulldog%2B%252814%2529.jpgImage Enlarger

The Beatles:

d2890fc35bea519b65aa867f383b8863.jpgImage Enlarger

Abbey Road :


Let It Be :


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SgtPeppersBulldog, sir walter raleigh

Maybe you should try posting more.

28 February 2017
The Hole Got Fixed
A Dock at Southampton
Apple rooftop
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27 November 2016
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HMBeatlesfan said
when I refer to Yellow Submarine , I'm only referring to tracks 2-6 (AKA the original tracks),

Thing I learned today: All You Need Is Love was an original track on Yellow Submarine .

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Oh, by the way, this post was made by The Hole Got Fixed!

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16 May 2017
The Jacaranda
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15 May 2017
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Please Please Me a-hard-days-night-john-7

With The Beatles a-hard-days-night-john-6

A Hard Day's Night a-hard-days-night-john-1

Beatles For Sale a-hard-days-night-john-3

Help !: a-hard-days-night-paul-3

Rubber Soul a-hard-days-night-john-6

Revolver a-hard-days-night-paul-8a-hard-days-night-john-7 (For me this was the time that both we're at their peak)

Sgt. Pepper paul-mccartney

Magical Mystery Tour a-hard-days-night-paul-5

The White Album john-lennon-salute_gif

Yellow Submarine a-hard-days-night-george-10

Abbey Road a-hard-days-night-john-1ahdn_george_05 (Even though Paul has more tracks on the album, John and George wrote my favorite ones on here)

Let It Be ahdn_paul_06 (No competition really)

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1 October 2018
Monkberry Moon Delight
On the run with the band
A Beginning
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7 May 2017
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A Hard Day's Night John Lennon is performing (and rocking!) most of it, so I have to go with him.

Help ! : Difficult one. Both John Lennon  (Help !, Ticket To Ride , It's Only Love ) and Paul McCartney (The Night Before , Another Girl , I've Just Seen A Face , Yesterday ) have great contributions and performances on it and are balancing each other. Maybe McCartney by a notch because of Yesterday , but I'm giving it a tie.

Rubber Soul John Lennon just wins this one with the two best songs on the album, Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) and In My Life .

Revolver : Not easy... but always vote for the underdog. George Harrison , because his songs really tie the album together and display some great songwriting progression. Love You To is heaven.

Sgt Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band : Paul McCartney . It's mostly based on his concepts, ideas and songs. She's Leaving Home is pure enjoyment, and don't forget A Day In The Life would only be have as good without his part.

Magical Mystery Tour : Again Pretty even, but a win for John Lennon thanks to the brillant I Am The Walrus and Strawberry Fields Forever .

The White Album : Ehm, good question. Ironic that the album mostly based on solo efforts is so hard to decide. I'll give Paul McCartney  the slightest of margins.

Yellow Submarine George Harrison  on psychedelic fire.

Abbey Road : My boy George Harrison  at it again with two of the most tremendous songs in music history.


I'm not familiar enough with the four (?) albums I left out, so I didn't want to give my verdict on them.

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The Walrus was probably Ringo

4 October 2018
Von Bontee
A Hole In The Road
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14 December 2009
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Since he had virtually no chance of being chosen as the dominant Beatle on any of the canonical albums covered here, I'm gonna give Ringo his due and proclaim him the strongest Beatle on "Live at The Star(r) Club".

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5 October 2018
Tony Japanese
Royal Command Performance
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11 September 2018
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Generally speaking, John is dominant Beatle from around 1963 - 1966, writing and singing most of the songs on their early albums. In the meantime, Paul starts to dominate from Sgt. Pepper onwards - which isn't really suprising because a) it was his idea and b) John had largely ceased his creativity around that time.

4 February 2019
Playing on the roofs again
Apple rooftop
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15 November 2018
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Please Please Me - John

With the Beatles- John

A Hard Day's Night - John (just barely)

Beatles For Sale - John (only slightly)

Help !- John and Paul (I'm not even going to try to choose between them)

Rubber Soul - John and Paul

Revolver - Paul

Sgt Pepper - Paul

MMT- Paul

The Beatles- I have no idea

YS- John 

Abbey Road - George, without a doubt a-hard-days-night-john-1

Let It Be - Paul 

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2 May 2019
A Beginning
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21 April 2019
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Hello all, first time poster here. This thread really caught my attention and got me thinking about the subject and, well, it's quite an interesting thing to think about. I'm still not sure about most of this, but here it goes!

  • Please Please Me : John. He was clearly the leader of the band at this stage, but Paul's killer "I Saw Her Standing There " as the opening to the first Beatles album is very powerful.
  • With The Beatles John again. Paul had "All My Loving " and "Till There Was You " as really strong additions to this record, but John takes the cake. George should get an honorable mention here too, for his first composition on a Beatles record and for two other lead vocal contributions, but John and Paul were still miles ahead of him in terms of influence within the band IMO.
  • A Hard Day's Night John, even though Paul's "Can't Buy Me Love " and "And I Love Her " are amongst the best in this one, which actually brings it pretty close.
  • Beatles For Sale John/Paul. Paul and John were on equal footing on this one, and even if John had more lead vocals I don't think he outshone Paul at any time during this record.
  • Help !: John. Out of all of John's wins, Paul comes the closest here. And boy he was close in AHDN , so this is VERY close. But "Yesterday " and his 2 contributions to Side 1 aren't enough to take John's triumph away.
  • Rubber Soul John. This is where we start to get in "Greatest Album of All Time" potential, and John's more personal songs are simply brilliant. This is probably the win I'm sure of the most, but one has to acknowledge Paul's masterful (albeit lacking when compared to Lennon's) contributions too.
  • Revolver John/Paul/George. Probably my favorite record of all time, I can't put one or two above the other here. I gotta give equal footing to the three. Even if Paul was on a different vibe than John and George, probably due to the latter two's experimentations with acid, his contributions give this record the balance that makes it so great. Paul's avant-garde inspired music and his ballads, John and George's psychedelic tunes, indian music influencing the band... honestly a 10/10 album with perfect balance between the guys. Heck, it's their only record where at no point one Beatle sings lead vocals in two tracks in a row. Just brilliant.
  • Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Paul. Paul's baby, and what a baby this was. I don't have much to say other than George wasn't really interested and John was allowing the laziness to get the better of him, so Paul was the strongest here. Still, this album would never be what it is today if not for George and John's masterpieces. But Paul really outdid himself here. Just an amazing album overall too. I keep swapping this and Revolver as my favorite record of all time, but today it's Revolver .
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • The Beatles: John/Paul/George. The hardest one to tell, I think. I don't think this record is as balanced as Revolver , but I'm unable to say who was the strongest here. John and George were the strongest on Side 1, Paul the strongest on 2, three way tie on 3, and three way tie on 4. So this brings me to three way tie here. Maybe I'm way too biased towards George, but I just really love all of his 5 contributions very much here. I mean, this is just such a strange and amazing album. I'll leave it like this.
  • Yellow Submarine John/George. I quite like George's tunes here, but "Hey Bulldog " is just wonderful.
  • Let It Be Paul, with George as a close second. Not just because of his solo compositions, but how much he improves the Rooftop Concert songs is just out of this world IMO, so he definitely deserves this.
  • Let It Be ... Naked: Paul, with George & John as pretty close seconds. "Don't Let Me Down " really improves John's "score" here.
  • Abbey Road George, with Paul as a close second. While his medley contributions are just beautiful, Paul's Side 1 songs are more on the bland side, even if "Oh! Darling " is great. George, on the other hand, displays magical guitar work all throughout and his 2 songs are on the top 3 songs for this album. John's songs are amazing here too, so here goes an honorable mention.
3 May 2019
Hollywood Bowl
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14 June 2016
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I don’t think I’ve done a ranking here yet? If not I’ll get around to one. Gotta admit straight up though that I am always biased to John songs and that my bias is just too strong in that regard.

1.The Beatles 2.Sgt. Pepper 3.Abbey Road 4.Magical Mystery Tour 5.Rubber Soul 6.Revolver 7.Help! 8.Let It Be
9.A Hard Day’s Night 10.Please Please Me 11.Beatles For Sale 12.With The Beatles 13.Yellow Submarine

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