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Please Please Me - song ranking
14 August 2019
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6 May 2018
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CakeMaestor said
1) Please Please Me – I find it odd that the top 3 songs on the album are John centered songs, but regardless I must say I adore this song. Initially I was debating on whether to put this or “Anna (Go To Him)” on the first place, but I went with “Please Please Me ” instead. The harmonization on this song is so good that I am rather shocked that this isn’t as iconic as “I Saw Her Standing There ”. Both Ringo and George deliver their very best on this song, and I sincerely believe the drumbeat on this song is one of Ringo’s most underrated. The harmonica work by John is brief, yet so fitting for this piece. I must thank Martin for suggesting to the Beatles to speed up the song. A truly spectacular song, and somehow incredibly underrated, which is surprising since this is the title track.

As always, feel free to argue with me on why “Please Please Me ” is an awful song.

Certainly, no argument from me regarding that song.john-lennon-salute_gif I think Please Please Me is one of their best songs, and your reasoning explains it very well.

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And in the end

The love you take is equal to the love you make



21 August 2019
In your wildest dreams
Carnegie Hall
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8 August 2019
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One of the better early albums

14) There's a Place - bland, generic, filler. and I think everyone agrees with me. and that's kind of the point. 2/10

13) Love Me Do - I've always felt that lyrically it was laughable and I still think the same. some Beatles songs have very odd redundant lyrics like I Want You (She's So Heavy) and I Am The Walrus . but Love Me Do is clearly just for lack of creativity. and the instrumental doesn't sound very good. 2/10

12) P.S. I Love You - I know it's dated, and not one of the bands brightest compositional points, but the delivery of the line "treasure these few words till we're together" it's enough to make it listenable. 4/10

11) Boys - I like Ringo's voice on the track, I just don't think it's a very good song to begin with. 4/10

10) Misery - a solid effort, that didn't pay off as well. Misery feels like a low point on the Please Please Me sessions, as if it was recorded late and with no real inspiration. and it reflects on the album. 4/10

9) Chains - it's fun, catchy. forgettable still. 5/10

8) A Taste Of Honey - it is a breath of fresh air on the album. an unlikely cover, with a foreign sound to it. original idea, and quality recording. 6/10

7) I Saw Her Standing There - the ascending vocals make for one of the most memorable melodies on the album. I personally think it's a tab overrated, considering the sound quality is weird, and the sounds the guitars produced are kind of watered down and it feels shaky. but John and Paul sing their guts out to deliver a very good opening track. 7/10

6) Do You Want To Know A Secret - to me, sweet. and simple. clearly wrote by McCartney, with beautiful vocals by Harrison. I wouldn't praise this song as something incredible. but one of the more decent tracks on the album. the bridge is bad, though. 7/10

5) Baby It's You - incredibly overlooked. I've grown fond of the structure of the song, as well as the melody. really, give it another listen, it's great. 8/10

4) Please Please Me - a striking effort, with very solid vocal harmonies, and a clear melody more understandable than the one in I Saw Her Standing There . a good song to represent the album's entire vibe. killer verse, killer chorus. 8/10

3) Twist And Shout - a classic, re-do of a boring song, turned into a great 60s dance rock tune. John's vocals, famous for its cracking sound, where first thought to be a mistake, but it actually turned out pretty charismatic and heart felt. really dig it since I saw Ferris Bueller lip syncing to it. 8/10

2) Ask Me Why - makes me move. it is very catchy, memorable, fresh, original, and a clear high writing point on the album's compositional landscape. Ask Me Why is a reflection of the influences on The Beatles' had around the time, and a great interpretation of it. the recording quality is also good. 8/10

1) Anna (Go to Him) - a very underrated song just because it's a cover. it brings, to me, a very pretty light when it is singed by Lennon. the goofy sound of early Beatles overshadows some of the true feelings some of these songs could've represented. but in Anna, with the delivery of the lyrics, along with the sad choruses, the agony on the narrator is felt. Anna (Go to Him) is very much my favourite track on Please Please Me . 9/10

the watusi


the twist

22 August 2019
Tony Japanese
Hollywood Bowl
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11 September 2018
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Re: Do You Want To Know A Secret ?

You may be interested to note that this was actually written by John, for George @Jules

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6 November 2019
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5 November 2019
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13 December 2019
You can meet me after heavy rain has fallen
Candlestick Park
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5 December 2019
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"....When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind...." 

"....This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around...."

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5 March 2020
Dingle Lad
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27 February 2020
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What is happening? And tell me how you've been.

5 March 2020
On The Hill
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14 January 2013
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19 May 2020
In your wildest dreams
Carnegie Hall
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8 August 2019
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beatlemaniacs_02_gifHEY BABESbeatlemaniacs_02_gif

This is a copy paste:

I've been working on this for a couple of days. I decided to go on a task of continuing and updating the work of that AvecPaix guy (not gonna @tt him cause I think he's long gone) and I averaged every post in the thread to create a decent ranking of the tracks off every album. In this case Please Please Me . I clarify my process and rules below.

1 - I Saw Her Standing There (551 points)

2 - Twist And Shout (540 points)

3 - Please Please Me (499 points)

4 - Anna (Go to Him) (360 points)

5 - There's a Place (321 points)

6 - Misery (294 points)

7 - Love Me Do (290 points)

8 - Baby It's You (281 points)

9 - Boys (259 points)

10 - Do You Want To Know A Secret (257 points)

11 - Ask Me Why (246 points)

12 - P.S. I Love You (228 points)

13 - Chains (196 points)

14 - A Taste Of Honey (112 points)

brought to you by some of the most renowned and important Beatles critics in the worlda-hard-days-night-john-6:









Elementary Penguin,








Joey Self,





Mademoiselle Kitty ^..^<,















The Beatles bassist,

The Hippie Chick,

The walrus100,



Tony Japanese,




& WillowRunSon.

Averaging process and rules:

A pretty classic averaging system; it goes basically by giving the maximum amount of points to the top track on every post (in this case 13) and as the list progresses into the "worst" tracks each track gets one point less. The last track gets no points. For this to apply the post must have the 14 Please Please Me songs ranked.

IMPORTANT: if you think one of your rankings might have one of these ambiguous qualities that might disqualify it and you want to be counted in the averaging DON'T edit it; post it again with more detail, otherwise I won't be able to subtract the points and add them again and it won't be counted anyway.a-hard-days-night-paul-11

Particular cases:

-NO. 1- Sometimes if there is a track missing but there's a written clarification, it can be counted. In the case of Abbey Road , for instance, some people don't count Her Majesty . In that case I count the post and give no points to Her Majesty only if there is a written statement of why its missing. If one track is missing and the post doesn't have any written clarification then it is considered a mistake and therefore disqualified.

-NO. 2- The tracklist considered is taken out of the Wikipedia/RYM/Discogs "official" tracklists. This means those who rank the Abbey Road Medley as a whole don't get counted unless they clarify by writing that the tracks separately also rank that way, same with any variation of the sort.

-NO. 3- If a person implies to a previous post that "that would exactly be [their] ranking" and don't post any ranking themselves, then the points of the first person will be added a second time in behalf of the second person.

-NO. 4- Only one person each ranking. If you posted several times your changes, only the last one will be counted (unless it has any mistakes, missing tracks, etc., in that case then the last one that has no issues will be the one counted).

-NO. 5- The rankings are considered given the numbers apply to them, "1" universally represents the top spot. Unless there is a written statement that clarifies it's the other way around, this is the way it will be counted.

-NO. 6- If there are no numbers on the ranking and no written clarification it could go either way. At first I used to think the ones at the top were the number 1 spot but in some cases it just isn't that way. So I decided I'll just grab the worst rated track up to that point and I see if it falls on the top half or the bottom half. If it falls on the top half I'll consider the bottom half the top spot and if it falls on the bottom half then I'll consider the top half the top spot. It might be unfair at times as it might reverse someones' ranking if they are unlucky by voting positively a previously negatively voted track, but in the grand scheme of things I think it was mostly accurate. In case that the number of tracks is odd (A Hard Day's Night , Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour , Yellow Submarine 's Side B & Abbey Road ) and the worst rated track falls in precisely the middle spot then I just take the second to worst rated and judge as to where that one falls.

-NO. 7- If there are "ties" in someone's ranking their ranking can still be counted but it won't represent exactly the ties in the overall averaging. If there is still a list-like format then I go from the bottom to the top adding points just like usual, so tied tracks can get different scores but just differing in one single point or two (unless you tie like 5 tracks together), but I think it's more fair than not letting those people participate at all. It might seem unfair but if the tied tracks were to get the same points, it would increasingly leave an averaging gap between those songs so it's mathematically better to just stick to the original adding process.

-NO. 8- If there are two tracks that are "tied" then I will just give more points to the one that is named first, regardless of descriptions, just to keep the whole thing going. Unless there's a specific written clarification of why one of the tracks is better or more of a favourite, then I'll just give more points to the one named first.

-NO. 9- However, if there's a tie between three tracks (or more) then that post will no longer be counted unless the list has a specific ranking format in which case see item "-NO. 7-".

-NO. 10- I guess that if someone doesn't want to be counted in the averaging he can ask me not to count him in but I hope nobody does that so we get his opinion tooahdn_john_08_gif

All of these rules are up to debate if someone disagrees with part of the judgement. I'm sure we can reach an agreement if they are considered questionable.

IMPORTANT: if you think one of your rankings might have one of these ambiguous qualities that might disqualify it and you want to be counted in the averaging DON'T edit it; post it again with more detail, otherwise I won't be able to subtract the points and add them again and it won't be counted anyway.a-hard-days-night-paul-11

Some more stuff:

I'll try to update it as new rankings are posted. If in enough time this proves effective then I'll ask moderators to pin these posts to the top of the thread and become OFFICIALgeorge-martin Once in a while I'll revisit the entire thread to be sure in case someone edited their previous rankings (but that might be just once in a while (unless someone wants to do it for me in which case send it to my inbox and I'll update this post)). [BTW if there is already a thread or post about this stuff then tell me right away so I can erase this and not look like a foola-hard-days-night-paul-8]

Also in time we could use this information to add some more statistics (just to give it flavourahdn_george_05). Someone can request them to me and I'll see how to add them.

Also here's a playlist with the results from worst to best in case you want to see how effective it proves in practice (I'll try edit these as well):

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the watusi


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